Studio Hip & Stip – giveaway

Hello from my little corner of the world! I hope you all are well. I’m quickly popping in to tell – and show – what a fabulous book launch party I went to last Saturday.
PLUS: at the end of this post there’s a chance for you to win the book, so keep on reading ;-).

Annemarie Huijser, better known as “Studio Hip en Stip” and rather famous for her eclectic colorful style (and rightfully so!) wrote her first crochet book, and it was released with – as I said – a fa-bu-lous party at “Wolplein” this past weekend.
Not only was Annemarie celebrating the publication of “Haken met Studio Hip en Stip”, November 11 was her birthday as well, hurray! Along with a group of about 20 close crafty friends I was asked to come to a festive pre-party: so much fun!

It was lovely to meet Annemarie’s friends, a couple of which inspired her while writing her book and/or actually contributed to it, like the talented Mattanja Kroon, who designed the “Studio Hip en Stip”-logo – proudly displayed on the cover of the book – and handlettered all captions in the book: I SO love her work!

Another very creative and inspiring friend of Annemarie’s (whose work I’ve admired for a long time) is Nienke van der Zwan. She’s the queen of “Stip Stijl” – please do yourself a favor and check out the gorgeous art she makes (for instance here, here and here).

This most definitely will not come as a surprise: I love the book!
So colorful, so happy, such a nice variety of projects! I bet that even when bright colors are not exactly ‘your thang’, you’ll smile from ear to ear after leafing through “Haken met Studio Hip en Stip”.

Not only her book is pretty cool, Annemarie herself is genuinely an extraordinary and delightful person also – I’m so glad we met.
She’s one of those unique people that you immediately know are beautiful inside and out, and have no ‘hidden agenda’ at all.

At the top of Annemarie’s long list of tatents is “how to throw a party”.
We felt so welcome and joyous, as if we were celebrating our birthdays: spoiled to the max with so many goodies …

Of course the birthday girl got showered with – handmade – gifts too, and I’m sure they were all “handmade with love” for this very special woman! I know my pincushion is …

If you want to see more of the festivities, you can go check this hashtag, or – maybe even better – watch this “Koffie & Wol”-video. There is also a series of 5 wonderful little YouTube-movies on Annemarie’s bookmaking process – this is where you can find them.

Right next to me I have a signed copy of Annemarie’s book, and I’ve decided to make one of you happy with it, woohoo!
You can enter this giveaway – open internationally – by leaving a comment under this blog post.
Even though the book is in Dutch, I’m sure you non-Dutch will find plenty of (color!) inspiration in it, plus: all patterns have crochet charts, which takes care of any language barrier, right?
The giveaway will close Sunday November 26, 10:00 PM (GMT + 1 hr), and the winner will be notified shortly thereafter via email.
Good luck everyone!

Marianne xx

Home Decoration in Crochet

Gosh, I love crochet books! Especially when they’re as pretty, colorful, and happy as the one Tanya Eberhardt / “Little Things Blogged” just published!
I was one of the lucky ducks to receive an advanced copy of her book, AND was asked to be part of her fun book tour (details on the tour here). This made me all kinds of happy, to tell you the truth. You see, I’ve admired and been following Tanya ever since I stepped into the online crochet-world. If you browse her delightful and inspiring blog, I’m sure you cannot but agree with me that she’s a fantastic crocheter.

Going through her book – jam packed with 25 lovely designs – will only second that: she’s done a wonderful job. And so has ‘my’ publisher Tuva – very proud of them for delivering yet another beautiful and good-looking crochet book.

There is one project that I immediately and totally fell in love with: the “Mixed Stitch Blanket”! The minute I saw it, it moved right to the top of my (regrettably already very long) wishlist of crochet projects.

Another favorite (and must-make as far as I’m concerned) is the “Geometric Popcorn Cushion Cover”; you all know my love for geometry and texture in crochet, and this one definitely ticks those boxes!

Still wanting to crochet a project from Tanya’s book, but lacking the time to start the blanket, I opted for the large doily, that is part of the “Three Doily Set”.
Instead of the DMC Natura Just Cotton, as suggested in the book, I picked my colors from the DMC Medium-range, wanting to turn my doily into a round cushion.

What can I say? I adore how it turned out …

I’m gladly handing the “Home Decoration in Crochet”-baton to my sweet and very talented crochet colleague Sandra Paul; make sure to visit her blog (“The Cherry Heart”) tomorrow to see what her favorite project from Tanya’s book is.

Oh, and the official launch of Tanya’s book is November 15 (but you can already pre-order here). Also, she’s running a give-away to win a signed copy of her book (open worldwide – it closes on November 13, you can enter here).

Happy weekend – I’m off to yet another super-talented lady’s book launch at “Wolplein” today; more on that soon!

Marianne xx

Mahoosive Wool

You might remember this blog post, when I reviewed Sarah‘s cool crochet book “Supersize Crochet”, and the shoulder bag I made from it. As the title of Sarah’s book very clearly indicates, all of the projects in this book require chunky yarn. It was around that time, I think, that the queen of chunky yarn, the lovely Andrea of “Woolly Mahoosive”, graciously sent me some of the giant balls of yarn that she and her company are known for, a 40 mm (!) hook included. I was in awe! Not just because the giantness of the wool is SO impressive, but the yarn itself is beautiful, soft and very nice, plus I loved the colors Andrea gave me to work with.

Catching up on stuff, summer itself and a broken arm got in the way of diving right in, but I made up for all that last Monday morning: an excellent start of my week, I can assure you. My plan for this yarn early on was to make a cat-bed for Quinn’s cat Ziggy, and I had found this pretty fabric to make the cushion that I wanted to go in the crochet bed a few weeks before (here) – isn’t it just the cutest? And – maybe the best of all – this project was finished in 1,5 hrs – start to finish! Not bad either for a change, right? I took notes as I went along, so I could share the “Ziggy Pet Bed”-pattern here with you right away!

“Ziggy Pet Bed” (US terms used)

Things you’ll need:
1 Giant Ball of Mammoth Acrylic, color: “Dove Grey” (more info: here)
40 mm crochet hook (info: here)
Some fabric (about 0,5 m) to make an insert/cushion (mine has a 43 cm diameter)
Fiber fill to stuff the insert/cushion with

Round 1: in a magic ring, crochet 6 single crochet stitches (6 sc);

Round 2: 2 single crochet stitches in every sc made in the previous round (12 sc);

Round 3: 2 single crochet stitches in every sc made in the previous round (24 sc);

Round 4: * 1 sc in the next sc, 2 sc in the next sc **; repeat all around (36 sc);

Round 5: in the back loops only of the sc made in the previous round: 1 sc in every sc made in round 4 (36 sc);

Round 6: 1 sc in every sc made in the previous round (36 sc);

Round 7: 1 slip stitch in every sc made in the previous round; fasten off, sew in your ends.

Cut two identical circles, the size of which will fit into your pet bed (do not forget a seam allowance); with right sides facing, sew the two pieces together, leaving a 10 cm opening so you can fill the cushion with fiber fill. Close the opening with little (hand) stitches, add your (leather) label (I love mine by “Mez11”), and you’re all done!

As you can see, Ziggy quite liked her new bed!

Love, Marianne xx


The designer of this lovely scarf, one of the infamous “Borgo Babes” and a very sweet crafty friend, Lisette – aka “Tante Setje” / “Little auntie Set” in English – allowed me to translate the pattern for you in English and publish it here on the “maRRose-blog”, pretty cool, huh?

To celebrate “RitsIn” ‘s birthday, owners Evelien & Mieke threw an awesome yarn related birthday party in their delightful shop a few weeks ago, together with “Lang Yarns” and Lisette. I was one of the lucky girls to be invited to the party, so off to Zwolle I went one sunny fall afternoon.

All attendees were asked beforehand to pick a color combination using “Lang Yarns Merino+” and “Lang Yarns Viva Merino Fine”, and I picked “Merino+” color 152.0119 (shade chart here), and “Viva” color 941.0065 (all colors here).

Lisette, knowing all too well that crocheting a complicated pattern would not come to any crochet-fruition when a group of crafty friends meets, came up with this rather easy, yet very effective design, and YES, we all got a head start on the project PLUS talked, and talked, and talked some more while crocheting … ;-). Not only sweet and talented, but a smart cookie too, this wonderful ‘Tante Setje’!

And, no surprise: the scarf is an instant Instagram hit! The pattern itself is – as said – easy-peasy, but by using the two different kinds of yarn and colors, the outcome is rather fantastic! I absolutely love my “LANGetantjesetjesjaal”!
It’s wonderfully soft and a pleasure to wear, and seeing the many color combinations under the hashtag #LANGetantesetjesjaal”, I honestly want to start another one …

So, without further ado, if you’re Dutch and want to make this fab scarf: here is where you find Lisette’s pattern. Also, for you lovely Dutch people: a couple of the “LANGetantesetjesjaals” will be on display at “Echtstudio” this coming week during the “KreaDoe”-craft fair. “Echtstudio” will bring a vast supply of Lang Yarns “Merino+” and “Viva”, so you can get started on your scarf right away! Or … you can shop online right here!
You’ll find my “LANGetantesetjesjaal” there too – I’ll be bringing it with me to “KreaDoe”.
After you have admired the scarves and gorgeous “Lang Yarns” on display, please don’t forget to come and say “hi”: you’ll find me at the “CraftKitchen”-stand both Wednesday (with Lisanne) and Thursday (with Liza) – and the rest of the CK-team all other days!
Oh, and I’ve decided to extend the time to enter the giveaway to win two tickets for the fair with one more day; just visit this link, leave a comment, and you’re IN!

And here’s the pattern in English:

“Lisette’s ‘LANG’ scarf”
(US terminology used – all tutorial photos: copy right Lisette)

Things you’ll need:
3 balls of “Lang Yarns Merino+”,
3 balls of “Lang Yarns Viva,
(in any color combination)
5 mm or 6 mm crochet hook (your tension is key – I crocheted my scarf with a 6 mm hook), darning needle, scissors, tape measure

approx. 220 cm (tassels included) x approx. 20 cm

You can easily adjust the size of your scarf, as long as the stitches of your foundation chain are a multiple of 2.

ROW 1: chain 300 with the “Merino+”; in the second chain from your hook you crochet a single crochet; * crochet a chain, skip the next chain of your foundation chain, crochet a single crochet in the following chain of your foundation chain **; repeat from * to ** until there are 2 chains on your foundation chain left. Chain one, start making a single crochet, but finish the last part of this stitch with the “Viva”, thus fastening off the “Merino” and attaching the “Viva”. Turn your work.

ROW 2: chain 1, crochet a single crochet in the chain-space made in the previous row, * chain 1, single crochet in the next chain-space made in the previous row **; repeat from * to **; end this row with a single crochet in the first chain-space of your previous row, turn your work.

ROW 3: chain 1, crochet a single crochet in the chain-space of the previous row, * chain 1, single crochet in the next chain-space made in the previous row **; repeat from * to **; end this row with a single crochet in the first chain-space made in the previous row, but finish this stitch with the “Merino+” (just like you did in row 1 – this way you’re fastening off the “Viva”, and attaching the “Merino+”). Turn your work.

ROW 4-31: continue the routine as described above until you have crocheted 31 rows; remember to continuously crochet 1 row of the “Merino+” and 2 rows of the “Viva”.

ROW 32: chain 1 with the “Merino+”, crochet a slip stitch in every single crochet and chain-one space made in the previous row; fasten off.

Add tassels on both short sides of your scarf, using the “Merino+”.

Enjoy wearing your beautiful scarf!

Marianne xx

KreaDoe and a giveaway

When you’re a yarn lover, and live in The Netherlands, you have every reason to feel fortunate. This tiny country has so many beautiful yarn stores and talented designers.
And how about all those lovely craft dates with like-minded people, or – especially at this time of year – the abundance of Craft Fairs?

One of the biggest annual craft events in this country is “KreaDoe“: 5 days of ‘you-just-name-the-craft-and-you-can-find-it-there, held from November 1st – November 5th in the “Jaarbeurs” in Utrecht. I’m telling you, it’s huge, very inspirational, fun, and you can very easily spend a full day there, and still have the feeling you’ve missed some of the many things they have to offer.

Just like last year, the CraftKitchen-team (Janneke, Lidy, Lisanne, Liza and I) is going to be present all 5 days, making sure 2 of us bloggers will be there each day.

In this post I’m showing you some of the latest projects my very talented co-bloggers and I have designed for CraftKitchen.
I’m very proud of all this beautiful – free – content we are kicking out every week, and to tell you the truth I’m personally very proud of my “Brides & Summer Shawl”. I’m currently translating the pattern in English, and hope to have it ready for you (very) soon.

At KreaDoe we CraftKitchen-bloggers are bringing our latest CK-projects, and we will be crafting, knitting, weaving, and crocheting at our ‘kitchen’ table, ready to help you with your CK-projects, or just chat … we love doing both, and can’t wait to meet you.
I’ll be at “KreaDoe” Wednesday November 1st, as well as Thursday November 2nd, and sure hope to see many of you!

KreaDoe and CraftKitchen are allowing me to giveaway TWO tickets to the fair – all you have to do is let me know in the comment section why you think you should win these (and leave your email address) – easy, right?

The giveaway closes coming Saturday, October 28th, 2017 (22:00 GMT+1), and I’ll announce the winner on my Facebook page (link here) on Sunday, so make sure to follow me there too!
edit: giveaway is prolonged with 24 hrs, so now ends Sunday, October 29th, 2017 (22:00 GMT+1)

(If I do not hear from the initial winner within 24 hrs after my notification, a new winner will be drawn).

Good luck everyone!
Marianne xx

“Selden sá” and a trip down memory lane …

Oh, you guys … I had such a delightful day last Sunday! As I told you before, I was scheduled for an “Eindeloos Haken”-meet & greet in Franeker in – what I now know – is a true gem of a yarn store, “Selden sá”, in the northern parts of The Netherlands, aka Friesland.
And no, this is not pronounced as “fries” “land”, as our Canadian nephew exclaimed years ago, when he noticed the sign that said “you have now entered “Friesland”, figuring he was entering a fried potato lovers paradise … haha!
“Friesland” (freeze-land) is a beautiful Dutch province bordering the “Waddenzee”, and picturesque Franeker is about 145 kilometers north-east from where I live.

It was nice to see the sun come out on Sunday, after a dreary and all-day-rainy Saturday, and with my car almost literally filled to the brim with “Colorful Crochet”-projects, I set sail to Franeker.
I had not realized until I was well under way, that I was driving exactly the route that we as a family took many, many times, when I was a (little) girl. You see, my maternal grandparents lived in Den Oever, on one end of the famous “Afsluitdijk”, and my paternal grandfather lived on the island of Terschelling. To get to him we would have to drive to the other side of the “Afsluitdijk” to the town of Harlingen, then onto the ferry, that – after about 1 1/2 hours at sea – would finally bring us to my opa Roos.

After about 1 1/2 hours I arrived at “Selden sá”, a spacious store, right on one of Franeker’s canals, minutes from the very heart of this pretty town.
I was given a warm welcome by shopowner Nynke, and her equally lovely assistant Loesanne, and we set to work, unloading my car, putting all my projects on display.
I could not help myself taking lots of photos before the official program got started, both of my crochet – looking ever so nice in Nynke’s spacious&beautiful store – and “Selden sá’s” gorgeous yarn and inspirational projects, like this fabulous knitted brioche shawl ↓ (Nynke’s work). The afternoon flew by, and I really had a great time talking to lovely people, chit-chatting the hours away, doing a little crochet on the side, all very pleasurable!

The cute bench in front of Nynke’s shop turned out to be the best spot for some of my crochet blankets and the occasional cushion, as well as for a couple of fun photos ↑ with Nynke & Loesanne (do check out Loesanne’s gorgeous work here and here) and Ingrid (who, by the way interviewed me for the “Breiclub”-blog – soon to be published, woohoo).

As always, after having met like-minded creatives, I went home with a smile on my face, and could not help myself stopping at the “Afsluitdijk”-observation tower, and my opa&oma De Visser’s hometown of Den Oever on my way home.

A day well spent!

Marianne xx

PS: I love this fun collage of my visit that “Selden sá” posted on their facebook yesterday!

Crochet Necklace

(for the Dutch version of this free pattern, click here)
This idea has been sitting at the back of my head for a long, long time.
When the “CraftKitcheners” and I were introduced to these fabulous little yarn-balls of Durable-happines, it was very quickly decided that this project would be one of my upcoming designs for “CraftKitchen”.
It felt so good to finally get it “out”. Seeing it turned out exactly as I had pictured it in my mind made me all sorts of happy. It’s nice when – for a change – designing a project does not involve a whole lot of frogging 😉

Adding to the joy was the fact that, yes, this is a multi purpose-project: you can turn it just as easily into a necklace, as into a cheery garland, and even decorate presents with it.

The pattern is not difficult at all, but … it does take some patience should you decide to copy my design: I crocheted with aforementioned Durable Thread and a 2,0 mm (!) hook.
However, we all know how versatile crochet is, you can just as easily make your motifs with a heavier yarn and bigger hook. Maybe not for the necklace, but a garland will look just as fun, I think.

Of course you can personalize your project any way you want, playing with colors, and how many little circles you think you want to use for your project.
To give you an idea: 4 motifs, crocheted with a 2,0 mm hook and 3 ‘connections’ in between, measure approx. 15 cm.
My necklace is 180 cm (goes around my neck twice), and I used 35 little circles.
I really love how the black makes all the wonderful and mostly bright colors pop, but I foresee lots of different color combo’s in the future – a pastel version, connected with off-white is right on top of that list.

Here’s how you can create yours (pattern in Dutch can be found here):

Things you’ll need:

“Durable Embroidery/Crochet Thread”; I used 14 colors: light-, medium- and bright pink, light- and bright blue, medium- and dark yellow, purple, sea-green, apple-green, ochre, orange, off-white and black

2.0 mm crochet hook, darning needle (with a rather sharp point), scissors

Pattern (US terms used):

Crochet 35 motifs/circles:

Round 1: in a magic circle (handy tutorial via this link) you crochet: 3 chains (counts as first double crochet) plus 15 dc (total of 16 stitches/dc); join with a slip stitch into the first dc (3rd dc of the chain-3 at the beginning). Pull the magic ring a bit closer, but do NOT close it too tight, like you would normally do.

Round 2: make the loop on you hook a bit bigger, and crochet OVER the dc you made in round 1, and – again – IN the magic circle: 16 half double crochet; join with a slip stitch in the first hdc of round 2 and fasten off. Now is the time to close the magic ring by pulling it tight, and sew in your ends.

As soon as you have finished crocheting your motifs, you connect them as follows:
with black, crochet a chain of 40 stitches; grab the first colored little motif and * crochet (with the black/connecting thread) 8 single crochet stitches on one side of the motif, crochet 10 chains, grab the next motif ** and repeat from * to ** until you’ve connected all your motifs on one side. Crochet 40 chains and fasten off.

We’re now ready to connect the motifs on the other side.
Still with the right side of your project in front of you, you attach the black/connecting yarn with a slip stitch in the last single crochet stitch you made in the last motif (before you crocheted the last 40 chains); • crochet 8 single crochet stitches, slip stitch into the first (black) single crochet stitch that you previously made in this motif, crochet 10 chains, and slip stitch in the last single crochet you previously made in the next motif ••; repeat from • to •• until you’ve also connected all motifs on this side of your project. Fasten off, and sew in all ends.
I tie my necklace around my neck with a little bow.

Happy crocheting!

Marianne xx

“Eindeloos Haken”-workshops and more …

(for a Dutch version of this post, please click here)

In the past I’ve been frequently asked to give workshops, and really never got around to following up on these requests.That is … till now!

With my book being published, yarn shop owners contacted me to see whether they could ‘book’ me for an “Eindeloos Haken”– meet & greet-plus-little-workshop in their stores, and so far I’ve loved doing this.
It’s absolutely wonderful meeting the delightful people who bought my book, and to learn that – they too – are pleased and enthusiastic about its projects.
I usually bring a car full of crochet – almost all the projects that I made for “Colorful Crochet” – I sign copies of my book, and – as said – teach a workshop re a special  “maRRose”-design that I bring also, and help/coach people crocheting this “Little Lenny”-granny square.
And, boy, is it fun! I’ve found out that I truly enjoy sharing the crochet tips, tricks and techniques that I know have made me a better crocheter, and make my projects look prettier with fellow crocheters.

The next “meet&greet”/”Little Lenny”-workshop is this very Sunday, when I’ll be at Nynke’s beautiful shop “Selden sá” in Franeker (13:30 – 16:00) – very much looking forward to that!

Next up is the “Knit & Knot” Fair in Tilburg, held from October 13th – 15th.
On Saturday October 14th I’ll be there all day, together with Janneke and Lisanne, as part of the “Handmade Living”-team, so please come say hello! I’m bringing a selection of the “Eindeloos Haken”-projects, and a stack of my books that you can buy right there, and that I’ll be more than happy to sign too.
In the afternoon I’ll be giving a “Little Lenny”-workshop (from 14:00 to 15:30).
There are still a few spots left, so don’t hesitate to come and join me, and bring your crochet up to the next level. More info, and signing up via this link, or you can just send me an email ( It’ll be great fun!

To add to the “Knit & Knot”-merriment: Lisanne / Handmade Living is allowing me to GIVE AWAY TWO TICKETS for the “Knit & Knot” Fair, woohoo!
Simply leave a comment under this blog post, and make sure I have your proper email address so I can reach you in case you win.
This Dutch language giveaway is open for Dutch readers only, and will close Sunday, October 8th, 2017 (22:00 GMT+1hr). If I do not hear from the initial winner(s) within 2 days after my notification emails have been sent, (a) new winner(s) will be drawn. Good luck to everyone!

At the beginning of November it’s “KreaDoe”-time again, and of course the CraftKitchen-team will be there as well. Every day at least two of us will be at the CK-stand, crafting at our “kitchen”-table, bringing most of our recent CK-projects, looking forward to meeting you and chatting a bit about what we all love to do most!
I’m sure you’ll find the exact planning on the CraftKitchen-facebook page soon, but I know I’ll be there on Wednesday and Thursday (November 1st and 2nd).

Last but not least, I’m so pleased to tell you that very soon I’ll start giving a variety of crochet workshops from my – new – studio (or on location) as well, yeah!
With our oldest recently having moved out into a place of her own, I’m in the process of moving my old workroom into her old room. The latter is twice the size, has two big windows – so lots more light – and even though it’s still a big mess right now, I already feel what a happy, creative space this is going to be. Exciting times!

Have a great day,

Marianne xx

edit: this giveaway is now closed; a winner has been drawn&notified

“Big Bobble Cowl” by Jacqueline

It seems as if I’ve only been going to crochet parties lately. Not that there’s anything wrong with this, or something to complain about: ‘au contraire’, it’s absolutely wonderful spending time with people that are passionate about the same things that you put your heart into. And besides, life’s too short to not grab every chance you have to celebrate and have fun, right?
Sunday September 10, 2017 three lovely ladies – Heleen, Jacqueline & Lotte – organized their first “Haken & Plukken-feest”.
The location where the party was held – pluktuin “Pluk”, in Haalderen –  and its setting was so beautiful: a huge garden of wildflowers, sitting next to a festively decorated and equally delightfully styled greenhouse, where we, a bunch of about 20 crochet-loving ladies, were treated to delicious cakes and a lunch buffet, yummie yarns, and gorgeous flowers, that we could all handpick ourselves.
The girls really outdid themselves in every possible way!

Jacqueline designed, especially for this occasion, a very nice cowl, the “Big Bobble Cowl”, and graciously allowed me to translate the pattern for you in English and post it here on my blog.
The Dutch pattern – called “The Big Bobble Col” – can be found on Lisanne’s blog / Draad & Praat (link here).
Immediately at the beginning of the party we were gifted two balls of LangYarns “Mila” – such a fab name 😉 – with which one cowl can be crocheted.
In the generous goodie bag we were sent home with I also found – amongst all kinds of lovely gifts – a ball of LangYarns “Mille Colori Big”, and I fell head over heals in love with its colors. I couldn’t wait to sink my hook into that awesome “thousand colors”-ball and crochet my cowl with it.And I love-love-love how it turned out!
To tell you the truth, I not always like variegated yarn when it is crocheted up (usually it is prettier when knitted with, imho), but this combination of yarn&pattern is just perfect! And so soft … I’m very happy with my “Big Bobble Cowl”! Oh, and how’s that cute label by Mez11?

The “Mille Colori Big” is a 50% virgin wool and a 50% polyacryl, 200 gramms, about 190 metres, suggested hook/needles size 9 mm.
I used a 10 mm hook for the cowl, and a 8 mm hook for the border.

So with a big “thank you” to Jacqueline, here’s her “Big Bobble Cowl” in English:


  • 2 balls LangYarns “Mila Color Superwash” (or, 1 ball of the “Mille Colori Big”)
  • 8 mm hook
  • yarn/darning needle
  • scissors

Jacqueline used a crochet hook 2 sizes bigger than the one suggested for the “Mila”. The cowl is crocheted lengthwise in the bobble stitch pattern as described.
This way it is easy to adapt to maybe even a version that goes around your neck twice (in which case you’ll obviously need more yarn).

Stitches (US terms used):

chain | turning chain | single crochet | treble crochet | bobble stitch (a cluster of 6 treble crochet stitches, also referred to as: 6-trtog: 6 trebles crocheted together) *…** repeat the instructions between * and **

How to crochet the bobble stitch/6 trebles, crocheted together: 

* yarn over hook twice, insert hook in stitch or space indicated and pull up a loop (four loops on your hook). Yarn over and pull yarn through two loops (three loops remain on your hook). Again, make a yarn over and pull yarn through two loops (two loops remain on your hook **; repeat from * to ** 5 more times (7 loops on your hook); yarn over and pull through all 7 loops (1 6-tr-bobble / 6-trtog made).


Chain 22 (multiple of 4 + 1 + 1 turning chain).

Row 1
Crochet a single crochet in the 2nd chain from your hook; * chain 1, skip 1 stitch, 1 bobble stitch (= 6 trebles together), chain 1, skip 1 stitch, 1 single crochet **; repeat from * to ** four more times.

Row 2
Chain 4; * 1 single crochet in the stitch sitting on top of the bobble stitch from the previous row, chain 1, 1 bobble stitch in the single crochet stitch from the previous row, chain 1 **; repeat three more times from * to **; end this row with a treble crochet in the 1 single crochet stitch made in the previous row.

Row 3
1 turning chain; 1 single crochet in the treble crochet of the previous row; * chain 1, 1 bobble stitch in the single crochet stitch made in the previous row, chain 1, 1 single crochet in the bobble stitch made in the previous row **; repeat four times, and crochet the last single crochet stitch in the 3rd chain of the chain-4 from the previous row.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until your cowl fits comfortably around your neck.


Fasten off, leaving a long end with which you can sew your piece of crochet into a cowl Sew in all ends, and single crochet all around the top and bottom of your cowl for a nice finishing touch. Add your own (leather) label to personalize your wonderfully warm & cozy cowl, and enjoy wearing it!Love,
Marianne xx

Handmade Living

I’m feeling all joyful, cheery and proud writing this blog post: my dear, fun, lovely, spunky, talented and audacious friend Lisanne / Draad & Praat has fulfilled a dream she’s had ever since she was a teenager: she has made her own magazine, “Handmade Living”!

Isn’t that truly a-ma-zing? I know from firsthand experience what it means to make a book, and how much time, love and dedication goes into that. However, when you write a book, your publisher has your back – especially when, as in my case, your publisher is all kinds of cooperative and wonderful.

Creating your own magazine is quite a different story. It takes even more & other skills, and a whole lot of (girl)power, and courage.

And Lisanne ‘just’ did that!!
I truly love people who – sometimes even against the tide – follow their dreams; they have my full admiration, which, I think, is exactly what they deserve.

When I finally saw the result of all her hard work, leafing through the 120 ultra-inspiring pages of utterly beauty that her dream culminated in, I felt there was only one thing to do: take a deep bow in honest admiration for this visionary, young woman.

Guys…. “Handmade Living” is SO gorgeous! Even though it’s written in Dutch, I’m 100% sure it will be as inspirational to non-Dutch creative people as it is to us Dutchies.
It’s filled to the brim with beautiful, clean and fresh photography, it has recipes, plenty of diy/crochet/knitting projects, interviews, shopping tips, new trends, lovely interiors that have been put in the spot light, you just name it, and it’s been covered: creativity at its best, really!

Contributors are people you probably already know, like: Heleen, Janneke, Miriam, Lidy, Liza, Manon, Anique, Anette, Ilona.
It also has an article on “Trendy Crafts” written by yours truly. I interviewed Twirre for it – very inspirational. It goes without saying that I’m super proud to be part of this awesome production.

Now … I’ve saved the best for last: Lisanne is allowing me to give away TWO copies of Handmade Living!
Please leave a comment under this blog post if you want a chance to win, making sure I can reach you via email.

The giveaway is open worldwide and will close Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 (22:00 GMT+1hr). If I do not hear from the initial winner(s) within 7 days after my notification emails have been sent, (a) new winner(s) will be drawn.

Good luck!
Marianne xx

edit: two winners have been drawn and notified – this giveaway is now closed

PS: if you didn’t win a copy of “Handmade Living”, you can buy it here!