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Follow-up Friday – “The Beach Bag”

My Fridays always have that little extra ‘pezaz’, when I have a finished project to share with you, and they’re even better when I can give you the pattern/diy of that project at the same time. This Friday is all about the “Beach Bag”, my… read more

Follow-up Friday – The “Tunisian Rose” Cushion

Yesterday my CraftKitchen project for the month of June came online. It’s a real fun recycle project with an old pair of jeans, and I’ll happily share a full Follow-up Friday post with you on it (plus the tutorial in English) next Friday. In case you… read more

Follow-up Friday – “Rico Bobble Granny Square”-cushion

It’s a bit tumultuous in the Dekkers household at the moment (not all bad, but not all good either, a perfect reflection of that thing we call ‘life”), and once again I’m very happy to have a go-to-hobby that has proven to be such a… read more

Follow-up Friday – “Rose Party Triangles”

A few weeks ago someone in the CraftKitchen-organization got married, and of course we – the CraftKitchen blogger team – wanted to give him and his lovely wife-to-be a present, preferable a personal/handmade one. Being the crafty people that we are, we came up with… read more

Follow-up Friday – The “Rustic Lace Square”-blanket

Follow-up Fridays that have a big “ta-dah” are great ones generally speaking, but today’s one might be the very best ever, because, you guys: the “Rustic Lace Square”-blanket is finished!! I’m so incredibly excited, happy and proud of this blanket – I’ve loved making all… read more

Follow-up Friday

No visits to the museum, no meetings with colleague-bloggers – this week was full of plain old crocheting, crafting and coming up with new design/patterns, and I could not have loved it more! As happens every Thursday, a new CraftKitchen-project went live on the CK-site,… read more

Follow-up Friday …… on a Saturday

It has happened before: a “Follow-up Friday” on a Saturday 🙂 One can try to meticulously plan things, but it just doesn’t always work out that way – which is fine too, and I’m sure it happens to all of us every now and then!… read more

Follow-up Friday – The Mandala Cushion

It wasn’t until this very morning – when I started organizing last week’s photos – that I realized how full, but fun a week this was. Filled with nature – lovely, but also very wet walks with Mila, filled with lots of crafting – always… read more

Follow-up Friday

Happy Friday to all of you! The past week was a mixed bag of ups and downs (just like life in general, wouldn’t you say?), but luckily the “ups” outweighed the “downs”, so all’s good. A big, rather personal, “up” was my mother turning 85… read more

Follow-up Friday – Granny Square Sophie

Hot off the needle, here she is, my latest granny square “Sophie”! I’m so pleased how she turned out! Apparently a (creative) brain works in mysterious ways, at least mine does. You see, a couple of weeks ago, I woke up one morning remembering I… read more