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A bit of this, and a bit of that…

A bit of this, and a bit of that…

It’s been a little quiet over here, and however contradictory that may seem, this usually means there is lots of stuff going on behind the scenes.
Since I’m hoping you’re missing me as much as I’m missing you … I thought I’d quickly pop in here to fill you in on some of the “behind the scenes”-stuff.

1. Ravelry
I have fi-nal-ly started uploading/sharing patterns and projects on “Ravelry”… Having been a member since 2013, I never got around to doing this, and it feels great to be more active in this community at last.
You can find me here, and my designs here.

I guess I’ve always felt too overwhelmed to become a more dynamic ‘Ravelrer’. I thought I would need to have lots of content all at once, but suddenly my wise husband’s advice (“you can even empty an elephant, one teaspoon at a time”) resonated with me:  I figured,  if you can empty an elephant one teaspoon at a time, you can fill her up this way as well, and so I’ve decided to add 1 or 2 projects a week, thus building a lovely gallery over there for all of you to enjoy.

The very first project – a free pattern – I added is my beloved “Brides Shawl”, that I originally designed for “CraftKitchen”. The pattern is available in English (here), and in Dutch (here) – on Ravelry you can find all details + link, right here. The second one – free as well – is another personal favorite: the “Norwool Blanket” ↓ – English here, Dutch here, Ravelry here.

2. LoveCrochet
Another platform I’ve joined is “Love Crochet”. Same thing as Ravelry: it seemed like an inspirational, fun, contemporary community, that I thought me and my work would fit right in, and then sadly I never got around to be really involved. Up to now, that is, haha! You can find me and my design(s) here.
Also, it’s my first “affiliate collaboration”, which means you might see “Love Crochet”-links here in the future; if they are used by you, it costs you nothing more but provide me a small commission that helps me continue to publish free patterns and blog content.
A non-affiliated tip: if you join Love Crochet and sign up for their newsletter, you’ll get a 15% discount on your first order!

3. Workshops
One of the best experiences this year was me jumping into teaching: I absolutely love everything about it!! The interaction with the always lovely shop owners and creative people attending my workshops, sharing my knowledge with other people and seeing them improving their punch- and/or crochet-game: who would have known this would be so FUN!

Needless to say a big chunk of my time goes into prepping my workshops, but even that contributes to the excitement of the teaching itself!
An updated overview of upcoming “maRRose Workshops” can be found here.

4. maRRose Craft Café
The very first “maRRose Craft Café” was held last week, and even though it was no “full house” yet, we had a blast! Nothing better than spending time with fellow creatives, while sipping tea/coffee (wine!), munching on something sweet/savory, helping each other out with the projects being worked on: pure bliss! As one of the attendees said: “I had a fabulous time, and even made some nice progress on my project!”

The “maRRose Craft Café’s” take place in my Studio in Amstelveen; next ones are scheduled for November 28 and December 19 (19:30 – 21:30) – you can register by sending me an email or dm me on IG/FB: I would loooove to see you!

5. Fine-tuning content
In the past few weeks I’ve made a start to make all free patterns and tutorials here on the website more accessible for you. Again, starting small – well, hello mr. Elephant 😉 – I tackled the “DIY & Tutorial”-section first. Still some minor improvements to be made, but all-in-all I’m pretty pleased with the way things look and work right now.

Of course you can still use the pull-down menu, but all images found on the “DIY & Tutorial”-page are ‘clickable’ now, and will take you directly to the main pattern and/or tutorial.
Most of them are available in English ánd Dutch; the link to the Dutch pattern will always be found at the beginning of the English pattern/tutorial.

6. New Webshop & new pattern
When Frank (my fabulous tech guy) and I worked on the new website at the beginning of this year, we also technically prepped everything to add a ‘maRRose Webshop’.
If you own a website/blog, you are fully aware of all the time and effort that goes into building a site/webshop, and by the time we were both satisfied with the new blog, I had little energy left to go the extra mile(S!!) to also conjure the shop. For the time being we decided to incorporate my Etsy-shop into the new website, and go live.
During the past couple of months we’ve fine-tuned all things shop-related, and I could not be more proud to tell you that not only will the ‘maRRose Webshop’ go online next week, I’m also publishing my very first paid pattern – in English and Dutch – at the very same time, woohoo!
It’s the “Jenny’s Flower & Jenny’s Granny Square”-pattern ↓, that I’m excited to publish – be on the look-out for a nice shop opening-discount!
Here too, items will be added at a steady pace over the coming weeks.

Have a great day!

Marianne xx

8 thoughts on “A bit of this, and a bit of that…”

  • I found you on Ravelry 🙂 I must admit that I’m not that active overthere, but it’s a wonderful community!
    Love your cushion with the colorful flowers and I enjoyed all of your inspiring pictures in this post.
    Have a great Sunday, Sigrid

    • Thank you so much, Sigrid! That’s all wonderful to hear! Happy to have you here :-)! Have a lovely day! Marianne xx

  • Wow, you HAVE been busy! I, too, have been absent more often than not of late, due to my mad life at the moment. Also on Ravelry, I’m a user rather than a contributor and find it an excellent source of ideas, so good luck with yours! Teaching…..isn’t it just the best?

    • Ah… it’s so good to be in touch with you again! I’ve missed you here and I’ve most certainly missed your wonderful blog, that I always so enjoyed following; I have just tried to catch up: boy-oh-boy, lots of things going on!! Good luck with everything, you busy bee! Oh…yes… teaching really ís the best! Love, Marianne xx

  • ik keek op Ravelry, toetste Marrose in en vond je meteen! Ik maak veel gebruik van Ravelry zowel voor gratis als kooppatronen en ik doe dit al heel lang. Het is een fijn platform en goed dat je deze stap maakte Marianne! En heel leuk om dit bericht over “een beetje van dit en een beetje van dat” te lezen. fijne zondag nog, liefs esther xx (essiebirdies)

    • Dankjewel, Esther – dat is fijne feedback om te krijgen: ben ik blij mee! Jij ook een fijne zondag gewenst, veel liefs, Marianne xx

  • Well done! I was exactly the same about Ravelry but so pleased I kept at it. It pays off in the end. Your designs are looking fabulous! Your husband sounds like my son….I am constantly receiving similar wonderful advice. Love from Carmen xx

    • Thanks so much, dear Carmen, I’m so happy with your wonderful compliments! Hahaha, we seem to have a LOT in common, the elephant&spoon included ;-)! With love, Marianne xx

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