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Welcome to my colorful world of crochet and crafts!
I love that you’re visiting, and apparently want to know a little bit more about this blog and the woman behind it. As you might have read on the main page: I’m Marianne, I’m 59 years old, Dutch, and I live near Amsterdam/The Netherlands, with my husband of 38 years, our 18 year old son, cat Isa and dog Mila. Our 22 year old daughter has already moved into her own apartment.

So…. where does my creativity come from? It’s clearly in my genes: my grandmother was an expert (sock) knitter, and my mother ventured out in every possible craft (and was very good at all of them).
I clearly remember being creative from an early age on: coloring, drawing, making puppets, using the shells I found on the beach to decorate boxes, anything crafty – I loved it.

My first piece of crochet was a poncho, in pink, green and white and I was 9 years old when I finished that. I was so proud when I could finally wear it, although ponchos had gone out of fashion already by the time mine was ready :)!

After my professional career as a management assistant – when there was no time at all to craft – I have revived my (long lost) creative side, and have actually discovered that this is where my true passion lies …… Never too old to find out, right? Quilting, knitting, crafting in general, but mainly crochet. Ever since I picked up my hook again back in 2010 I’ve been doing so with great pleasure and joy.

I usually find inspiration on the web (Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), but I enjoy going through craft/crochet books as well and sometimes even (the colors of) a painting, piece of fabric, or add can ignite a new project. As I’m sure you’ve seen, I’m mostly drawn towards bright colors.
Designing my own patterns started with putting my own little twists on the things I made using other people’s patterns.

A lot of my crocheted projects have been put to use in our own home, and in my beloved and very colorfully decorated “Tuin 11” (our small cabin on the waterfront) – or have been gifted.
Nonetheless, my studio gets overcrowded with finished projects all too quickly, hence the decision to start selling some of my crochet.
More or less around that time (2013), people started asking me for patterns and “how-to’s”, which made me start this blog –  and I’ve enjoyed blogging ever since! It’s great fun and a perfect way to share my love of crochet and crafts!

Since that very first blog post at the end of 2013 a lot has happened to me and “maRRose”, all good stuff.
Friendships – virtual ones, but also real ones – have been built. I feel connected to many talented makers, not only here in The Netherlands, but around the world, and I could not be more pleased, happier and excited about that.

I love that my initial wish to inspire others – thus giving back a little of my knowledge and inspiration to the crochet/craft community – has come true.
I also love the many opportunities and fun adventures that I’ve experienced through “maRRose”.
Just to pick a few: my YouTube-interview for the “Koffie&Wol-show”, a full page interview in “Simply Haken” (Dutch sister publication of “Simply Crochet Magazine”), as well as being one of the Craft as Therapy-moderators, and MY BOOK: – all so very exciting!

Next to crochet I’ve fairly recently found another crafty love: punch needle! You can find more info on that right here on the blog. Punch needle also got me into teaching, and as it turns out: I LOVE teaching!

And who knows what interesting things might be lying ahead in “maRRose”s future…. One thing is certain: I can’t wait for them to happen, and more importantly, share them here with you!

Again, thanks so much for stopping by, I do hope you feel at home here and will visit again. If you have time, please leave a quick note – I would love to hear from you!

Marianne xx

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  • Hi, Marianne – I’m suregal27 from Instagram! I’m just starting to realize that the names and faces I see on Instagram belong to people who have books, shops, shows and blogs in real life! So I thought I would check you out. You are one of the nicest Instagram people I know – so cheery and encouraging. I’m always happy when I see an Instagram post from you, or a “like” or a comment left by you. Thanks for the happiness and color you bring to the internet!
    Love, Susan.

    • Hi Susan,
      How fun to be connected here too! Aw….. that is so, so sweet of you to say – I’m actually blushing right now. Your lovely comment has definitely made my day. I’m honestly very happy to have found you on IG as well: your artwork has blown me away! So, see you there again soon! Love, Marianne xx

  • Je maakt harstikke leuke dingen. Geweldig. Ik wou dat ik zo creatief was. Ik vind de emilia pop helemaal te gek. Het origele patroon is van nog zo,n creatieve duizendpoot Annaboo. Ik heb pas haar pop ontdekt , waar jij het patroon van hebt, bij de etsy shop en vind het heel jammer dat ik het patroon niet meer kan kopen. Weet jij een manier? Zou me helemaal blij maken. Groetjes Liesbeth.

    • Ha Liesbeth! Dankjewel voor je mooie compliment ….. Ik was van plan je te adviseren om even rechtstreeks met Sarah contact op te nemen, maar ik zie nèt een berichtje van haar op Instagram, dat al haar patronen weer in haar Etsy winkel staan – echt puur toeval! Goed nieuws dus, want nu kun je meteen aan de slag met jouw eigen Astrid/Emília pop! Veel succes en plezier! Marianne xx

  • I have found that crocheting helps me get over times of anixiety and also when I feel depressed I l9ve looking at other peoples works as they give me ideas I also love toing taperstry and embrodiey

  • Hi Marianne I av just come across ur wonderful book and can’t wait to start something from it…but what?There’s do many lovely designs.I am pollypenny on Instagram and I too love crafts but crochet I love.Like u from being little I was taught to crochet by my mum when I was 9 and I made my first granny blanket.I went on to do art after leaving school but didn’t carry it on.Nowadays I am an early years teacher, I av 2 teenagers a husband,dog and tortoise!! My passion is crochet which I wish I could do for a living!

    • Hi Pauline! Thank you for your sweet comment, and more importantly for buying my book – so happy to read you like it! I sure hope you’ll crochet many made-with-love projects from it!
      So fun to read we have so much in common! Happy crocheting, lovely! Marianne xx

  • I have recently bought your book Colorful Crochet. It is a fabulous book and has given me the confidence to crochet something ‘proper’.
    The book and patterns are so easy to understand and the designers tips and notes are so useful.
    Thank you

    • That is just SO wonderful to hear! Thank you very, very much! Happy crocheting, dear! Marianne xx

    • Hi Grace,

      I’m afraid there isn’t yet – it’s still on my list of things to do… To be honest with you: I never planned on writing up the pattern, but I’ve received a lot of lovely requests for the pattern of this blanket – just like yours – so that I’ve decided to write things down. But, please, bear with me… it might take some time before I get to it. Marianne xx

  • Hello: I saw the pix on your page showing a bunch of old wooden hangers, they are just the plain straight kind, no wood across the bottom and would love to find out if you have more or where can I purchase some of the same type?

  • Hoi Marianne,
    ik lees dat jij nederlandse bent…..kan ik misschien jou mail dan in het nederlands krijgen …leest toch iets vlotter
    groetjes Diane

    • Hoi Diane,

      Als je de mail bedoelt die je ontvangt als er een nieuwe blog post online staat: ik heb er even naar gekeken, maar helaas dat lukt dat technisch gezien niet… sorry!
      Hoop dat je toch met plezier m’n blog blijft bezoeken en erdoor geïnspireerd raakt! Liefs, Marianne xx

  • Hallo, ik heb heel enthousiast een punchnaald gekocht om te “borduren”op zelfgemaakte tasjes. Maar wat een teleurstelling. ik heb al allerlei verschillende soorten draad en stof geprobeerd maar het lukt me niet. Ik doe hele kleine steekjes en toch laten ze meteen weer los. Dus in plaats van drie kleine steekjes heb ik dan 1 draad die alleen nog in het begin gat vast zit. Kun je me vertellen wat ik verkeerd doe?
    Ik heb allerlei YouTube filmpjes bekeken en ik doe precies wat ze in het filmpje doen. Ik wil dit graag onder de knie krijgen.
    Alvast bedankt voor de genomen moeite. Groetjes Denja

    • Hoi Denja,
      Wat leuk dat je het punchen onder de knie wilt krijgen – ik begrijp je frustratie wanneer het dan niet lukt.
      Nu ik vanwege Covid-19 geen workshops geef, is mijn boek waarschijnlijk de next-best manier om de techniek en alles wat er mee samenhangt te leren. Het gaat helaas te ver om dat hier allemaal uit te leggen: punchen lijkt heel makkelijk – en is dat in feit ook – maar zoals met alles, is er wel een aantal voorwaarden waaraan je dient te voldoen en duurt het echt even voor je de slag in de vingers hebt.
      Het belangrijkste is de juiste verhouding naald – stof – garen. Als één daarvan niet ‘klopt’, dan lukt het maken van de steken niet.
      Onder het subje “punchneedle” vind je op dit blog ook al wat nuttige info + links naar filmpjes (
      Succes en veel punchplezier! Marianne xx

  • Hi i got here when i finally found the pattern for the rectangular southbay shawl on your side. I Was looking for this pattern so long. I love it. I think i will get more inspired by your side

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