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After Summer Catch-up…

After Summer Catch-up…

Hello, you lovely people! Long time no see……How was your summer (or winter, for those of you in the southern hemisphere)? I sure hope it was good!
Mine was mostly great, but ended with a weird twist, and was over before I knew it.

It began with my husband Lex and I enjoying a truly wonderful 10-day vacation in France. We stayed in a beautiful Bed&Breakfast “Le Petit Chateau” in Bétaille (Lot-region). I had the pleasure of visiting this amazing place 3 times before already for a yoga-week, but it was a first for Lex, and now it’s definitely not a last for either of us!
We honestly loved everything about our vacation: our lazy days on “Le Petit Chateau”s lush premises, being pampered by our marvelous hosts, just aimlessly driving through the Lot’s ever so pretty surroundings, visiting picturesque villages and their charming farmer’s markets, the food……And while Lex enjoyed a couple of rounds of golf, I happily crocheted&knitted these days away, total bliss!
Shortly after we came home, I had the pleasure of being reunited with my dear friend Heike / Made with Loops, while she and her husband Mark were in Amsterdam for a short break on their way home. So good to see them – I loved catching up with Heike, and meeting Mark this time around (and I love this happy picture he took of us)!
And then, 2-1/2 weeks ago, as Lex and I were leaving “Tuin11”, Mila pulled me off my feet…..There was a handsome (male) dog coming our way, and Mila decided they needed to meet (ignoring her leash, and me being on the other end of it), catching me off guard, and – as I said – pulling me off my feet. Before I knew it I was … eum … hugging the ground. The sound of my head hitting the pavement actually made Lex turn around, only to find me lying right behind him.
This is the little rascal minutes before the accident – can’t be mad at such a cute face, right?

Needless to say our next stop was the ER, where they found out my left arm – my working arm – was broken (to be more precise: the ulna, very close to my elbow).
As it turns out I was lucky to come away with just bruised hands, knees, cheekbone&chin, and a broken arm.
Apart from this being rather painful and mostly very unhandy, not being able to crochet or knit was the worst news for me.
I was extremely relieved when I went in for a check-up last week and the doctor told me I could still not put any weight on my arm, but was allowed to use it as long as that wouldn’t hurt too much.

I feel even more silly now that I’m typing this, but I honestly could not wait to get home, and give crochet a try …
Going slowly, letting the other (my right) hand do most of the movements, taking frequent breaks: it’s working!!
Man-oh-man, I can’t tell you how fantastic it feels to be back in the crochet (and knit) saddle : yihaa!

I’m sure to non-creative people this must sound like I’ve gone totally cuckoo, but being able to create again, has surely lifted my spirits. It’s true: craft IS my therapy, and I’m delighted I’m crocheting & knitting again.

The past few weeks I’ve been going through my photos (an easy one-arm-activity, haha), and have come to realize I have not shared a fair amount of finished projects here. Adding that to new ideas, projects, free patterns, and future fun activities (workshops, craft fairs etc) I’ve put together a lovely&long list of things I can’t wait to blog about.
So, I’m not only back in the crochet saddle, I’m most definitely back in the blogging saddle as well! Next blog post is already scheduled for tomorrow, and it has a rather fab giveaway …
See you soon,

Marianne xx

4 thoughts on “After Summer Catch-up…”

  • Oh my goodness, what a dramatic end to the summer and your poor arm, and face etc! So glad you have the all clear to slowly get crafting again. What a relief!

    S x

  • Oh blimey, that sounds like a terrible ordeal! I’m a bit late to the post, so I hope you’ve recovered now. Being able to still craft is a blessing, obviously – I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t.

    • Not being able to craft was the worst …. It’s healing well (phew), and I’m so happy I could get back to crochet/knitting after 1,5 weeks already (better for my, and everyone’s sanity, really :-)).
      btw: doing some major catching up –> including your lovely blog; hope you and your family are well! Marianne xx

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