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Baby blanket “Gigi”

maRRose - CCC - Baby Blanket Gigi-02You might easily think this post is a bit too similar to this one, but I’m way too content with the newest addition to the “maRRose”-baby blanket department to not give it its own little moment of glory here on my blog ……
maRRose - CCC - Baby Blanket Gigi-07

maRRose - CCC - Baby Blanket Gigi-03Still in love with the “Dijon” stitch and the first blanket I crocheted with it, I very much wanted to make a more girly version.
So, for this one – the “Gigi Blanket” – the off-white, light grey and charcoal that I also used in the “Dijon Blanket” were mixed with light and …… neon pink.
And just for fun, I crocheted some of the blocks in a stripe pattern.
maRRose - CCC - Baby Blanket Gigi-14maRRose - CCC - Baby Blanket Gigi-09

Please don’t ask me why, but this blanket partucularly called for a much bolder border, which is why I added the big bobbles using the charcoal yarn – the inspiration coming from this Pinterest-image.
maRRose - CCC - Baby Blanket Gigi-11maRRose - CCC - Baby Blanket Gigi-06Overall I’m very happy with how the colors work together and “Gigi”‘s look. There’s only one thing holding me back from using the neon pink again: it’s nearly impossible to photograph…….. luckily it looks very pretty in real life…..
maRRose - CCC - Baby Blanket Gigi-12The stats:
* size: 77 x 77 cm (30 5/16 x 30 5/16 inches)
* 6 x 6 blocks
* weight: 400 grams
* yarn: Hema & Zeeman Acrylics, hooksize 7
maRRose - CCC - Baby Blanket Gigi-04

Since there are no baby girls that I can gift this blanket to, I’ve listed it in my Etsy shop, hoping it will make a darling little girl (and her mom) happy!

Marianne xx

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9 thoughts on “Baby blanket “Gigi””

      • Its Mrs Kathleen Wilkinson love your blanket I have to granddaughter age 9and one 12 on Saturday they would love this can I ask what wool you Aaron r chunki thanks

        • Thank you for your lovely compliment, Kathleen. I’m afraid I cannot really help you with this – we don’t use these specifications in The Netherlands. All I can say is: it’s a rather thick acrylic yarn, hooked up with a 7 mm crochet hook. Hope this helps a bit? Good luck, Marianne xx

  • Prachtige deken!! Via pinterest op je blog/fb terecht gekomen en direct geprobeerd om deze deken na te maken, maar ik krijg het maar niet voor elkaar dat aan elkaar zetten!! Heb je nog een tip of een filmpje wat ik zou kunnen bekijken?

    Vriendelijke groet Evelyn

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