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Big, happy news!!

Big, happy news!!

Now that I’m finally able to share my big, huge, happy news with all of you, I oddly enough find it hard to find the right words. So I’m going to say it simply as it is: THERE’S A NEW BOOK COMING OUT! WOOHOO!!

This one will be a punch needle book. Not much of a surprise, I think – you’ve all witnessed my falling in love with punch needling, and it’s becoming very quickly my second crafty crush – a close tie with crochet.

There is not a whole lot I can show you just yet, but…. I can show you the cover! Isn’t it pretty?

So many of you have asked for the pattern of the first punch needle cushion I made, and I’m extremely happy a slightly smaller version of the “leaves cushion” is on the cover of the book. Obviously its pattern will be in it!

Another thing that I think will not come as a surprise, is the title of the book “Punch als een Pro” (“Punch like a Pro” in English). Since this book is meant to be a workshop in writing to get you punch needling like a pro, just as if you were attending one of my real-life workshops, we – Kosmos Uitgevers and I – swiftly decided that this would be a very appropriate title for my punch needle book.

It will be jam packed with all the techniques, how-to’s, tips & tricks to get you started and get you inspired on the new hype that punch needling is. The book will not only be aimed at the beginner, but will have challenging patterns for the more experienced puncher too.
It will come with 28 (almost all brand new!) lovely&cute designs to create the fun punch needle ‘paintings’ that you might have seen from me before, as well as 7 larger projects: a cushion, a wall hanging, a pencil and iPad case, and more!

Over the past months I’ve punch needled (not sure that’s even a verb) all designs, and Thursday I finished the last of my projects. Right now I’m busy writing patterns and instructions. At the end of this month everything will be handed over to the photographers and the editors, who will – undoubtedly – create a beautiful book: I just can’t wait!!

If you can’t wait either: you can already pre-order the book here, via
As I mentioned before, the book will be published by Kosmos Uitgevers (in Dutch) as a paperback, as well as in E-book format.
It will be launched August 27th, 2019, and I can assure you that I’m eagerly counting down to that date!

In the coming months I’ll keep you posted on the book’s progress; I’ll be sharing sneak peeks with you, and I’ve already planned a couple of cool give-aways. So keep an eye on the blog, my Instagram and Facebook for a chance to win one of those!

Happy times!
Marianne xx

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