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  1. Hello dear Marianne, I don’t know how I didn’t find you and then I realised – I don’t use my wordpress account – it’s been too complicated to learn. BlogSpot has been tricky enough – but I’m delighted to be following you via email (I don’t have facebook). So lovely to see you outside of Instagram and to see so many of your beautiful projects on a big screen! love you! Lu x

    • Dearest Lu! How wonderful to ‘see’ you here – I’m delighted that you’ve found me here as well. You’re such an incredible multi-talent and a wonderful and constant source of inspiration – your posts always make me very happy! Your compliments mean a lot and I love you too! Marianne xx

  2. what a lovely way for me to start the day here. Thank you so much, dearest Marianne. I have the flu so you have brought a smile to my face. Love love love your Rose blanket too. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi love the cover of your book the colours look fab and crochet designs look amazing l would love to own this book.

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