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Boho Granny Blanket

maRRose - CCC: Boho Granny BlanketIt’s kind of sad that I cannot even trace back when exactly I started this blanket, but on a more positive note: it’s finished now and I’m very happy with it!

The beginning must have been somewhere after I had completed my first Nordic Shawl, when I played around a bit with the colorful leftover yarn from this shawl’s border.
I never tire of a good old granny and I do remember working up these squares really quickly as an “in front of the TV wip”.
maRRose - CCC: Boho Granny Blanket maRRose - CCC: Boho Granny Blanket

You probably know by now that I’m easily distracted when it comes to crochet and sadly this granny square wip was a no-wip for a couple of months.
Right until the “let’s finish things before starting something new”-bug hit me again. And so I have worked on this blanket for the past two weeks (still in between other crochet – and even knitting – stuff). That dedication paid off, because here’s the ta-dah!
maRRose - CCC: Boho Granny Blanket maRRose - CCC: Boho Granny BlanketWhen working on a big project I find that I’m always very excited at the start.
Then, after that first excitement wears off, it starts to feel more like “work that has to be done” and usually I even fall out of love a bit: the stage when wips are left abandoned ……
maRRose - CCC: Boho Granny Blanket

Not helpful is the constant urge to start new things, just because there is so much (crochet) beauty, well ….. everywhere …… thank you Instagram, Facebook, Blogworld! I sometimes feel quite overwhelmed by all the inspiration out there (luckily I’m not the only one: I can so relate to Annette’s “brain buggers”) .
But then, when I push the “let’s do this”-button and am making noticeable progress again, the pleasure kicks back in and I generally fall totally IN love all over once more and make sure I finish the project quickly.
Silly crochet ups-and-downs – recognizable?

Anyway, this particular blanket is made of simple 3-round granny squares – every round done in a different color.
They’re crocheted together with black, using the flat braid method (a nice tutorial on that can be found here) with three chains instead of the five suggested in this tutorial.
maRRose - CCC: Boho Granny Blanket

The idea for the border must have been inspired by these two gorgeous blankets (Coco Rose’s Summer Lovin’ Blanket and Angie’s V-stitch blanket).
No way I could do pom poms though, I’m no good at making them – not even using a pom pom maker or a fork…….
However, I do love crocheting pom poms and so that’s what I did and I’m thrilled with how that turned out! Because I wanted these pom poms to be somewhat bigger, I crocheted 5 dc’s (instead of 3), so 6 loops on the hook for each side of the pom pom.
maRRose - CCC: Boho Granny Blanket

The “Boho Granny Blanket” facts:
* size: 110 x 100 cm
* weight: 615 grams
* 110 squares (11 x 10 rows)
* yarn: “HEMA Fine”, 100% acrylic, 13 different colors
maRRose - CCC: Boho Granny BlanketOh, yes, IN love again with this blanket – without a doubt!

Marianne xx

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