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Another museum visit – Kunsthal Rotterdam

Last Friday Quinn and I made good use of our “Museum Jaarkaart” once again! I love it that whenever we’re thinking of having a “mother-daughter”-date, a trip to the museum comes up most of the times – it’s absolutely wonderful to share our passion of… read more

Treasury Tuesday

If you’ve listened to the interview that famous yarnbomber Stephen Duneier had with me last year, you may have noticed him trying to convince me to become a yarnbomber. It’s true, this is a crochet related area that I haven’t touched yet, and think I should give… read more

Follow-up Friday

You know that it’s not been an extremely good week crochet-wise when you have to think really hard, trying to come up with projects worked on during the past week (let alone projects that were finished)….. Nonetheless, it was mostly a fun filled week, kicked off… read more