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Midweek food ramblings …….

It’s been a somewhat peculiar week, that had a mix of mainly health driven lows (flu, two visits of my *cough* friend mr. Migraine, the loss of our cat Clark)….. Luckily it had a couple of clear highs as well. One of them was last… read more

Christmas cookies – a family recipe

One of our family Christmas traditions is giving homemade cookies to teachers, neighbors, friends and family members during the holiday season (and eating a lot of them ourselves too, of course). For as long as I can remember the kids were involved in this, being… read more

Christmas 2014

While it is lightly snowing outside, I’m comfy and warm inside typing this after-Christmas blog post. I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours, filled with things that  – I think – matter most during this festive season: quality time spent with people who… read more

First blog post

So …… this is my very first blog post and I have to admit I’m pretty excited! To be honest, there is a lot for me to be “pretty excited” about. Other than starting this blog, I have recently opened my Etsy shop (link here) ànd… read more