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Clematis Dreams Shawl

Clematis Dreams Shawl

It’s with much pleasure that I’m releasing my latest crochet shawl pattern today, please meet the “Clematis Dreams Shawl”! I sure hope you’ll love it as much as I do!

The design process can be a very interesting one, and creating this shawl definitely was. I vividly remember when and where I came up with this combination of stitches: in some waiting room, where we had to spend a couple of hours before being called back in. So… me being stuck in this space, with nothing else but a notebook, pen, some yarn, and a crochet hook. A vague idea of a new pattern spun around in my head, and that is how I started.

And just like that the pattern emerged: first in scribbles and soon enough in crochet stitches, and I quickly realized: it works! Oh, the joy and satisfaction! And disbelieve, because really, this is NOT how it usually goes. No, no… lots and lots of frogging, starting anew, more frogging and all that on repeat, that’s the more likely scenario.

After I had figured out the stitch-repeat of the pattern I picked out a beautiful teal merino (DMC Woolly) that I still had in my stash and set to work. I loved working on it so much that it turned out quite large: lovely and comfy as a shawl, cute and pretty as a baby blanket.

The pattern has an open, lacy look, and the puff stitches give it some pretty texture. Both side borders are part of the pattern, so you will only need to crochet the two (short) borders on the top and bottom of the shawl afterwards. When you’re not a fan of puff stitches – no problem: you’ll find a good alternative for them in the pattern.
If you crochet the shawl with a cotton yarn, it will be just perfect for summer, but if you opt for a woolly yarn it will surely keep you nice and warm in winter! Don’t you love how versatile crochet can be?

If you know me, it probably does not come as a surprise that I crocheted 2 more shawls before I finally sat down and wrote the pattern, created the charts, and asked my terrific testers to check the draft.

Since I could not come up with a proper name, I solicited my lovely followers on Instagram and Facebook for help, and “Clematis Dreams Shawl” it now is!
You can find the English pattern (US terms) in my webshop right here. If you prefer the Dutch language, the Dutch pattern can be found here.
The pattern comes as a 9-page PDF-file that has lots of helpful info. For instance suggestions on what yarn & hooks to use, an explanation of the shawl’s special stitches, etc. Rows 1 – 5 are fully written out (which includes the 4-row repeat); the same goes for both borders. You’ll find crochet charts of the main pattern, as well as both borders too..

To celebrate the “Clematis Dreams Shawl” pattern release it’s on sale through July 24th, 2019! Enjoy!

Happy weekend,
Marianne xx

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