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One of the things that’s been high on my catch up list is CraftKitchen.
As you might know, I’m one of the 5 bloggers that design for them, and it’s a job very close to my heart, for many reasons……
First of all because of the people I get to work with: my dear maker-friends and colleagues Janneke, Lidy, Lisanne and Liza; I’m sure you’ve all seen their gorgeous and inspiring work on social media. It’s just wonderful to be part of such a group of talented, lovely, and fun ladies.
Secondly, because of the creative adventures it gets me into. When the 5 of us decided to step on board of the CraftKitchen-wagon early last year, we liked the idea of all of us trying our hands at different kinds of crafts: crocheting, sewing, knitting, diy, anything.
So even though we’re all experts in one or two areas, we committed ourselves to come up with projects in all other disciplines as well.
As we hoped, taking these crafty turns adds to the enjoyment: we all love to be challenged like this!
It’s great to step out of your comfort zone, and learn something new. Besides, there’s always 4 lovely colleagues (and the internet) to help you out when you run into a problem.

Since my last half of 2016 was all about writing my book, little time was left for anything else….. Luckily I did manage to make 5 CK-projects, but unfortunately there was no time to translate them in English, that is…. up to today! Hurray!
You’ll find the link to all Dutch versions here, and in English by clicking the links you’ll find here for my Mandala/Dream catcher, Pip-stool cover, Pip-slippers, felt Fall/Halloween bunting and fun knitted children’s scarf, fair isle style.
Of course they’re also listed in the pattern sections of my blog (here and here).

Now Janneke, Lidy, Lisanne and Liza have been very busy too, creating many fabulous CraftKitchen-projects. I know you’ll be doing yourselves a favor checking them out. Even though they’re all described in Dutch, many of them have lots of photos, and/or charts/diagrams, so I think you’ll be okay even if Dutch is abracadabra for you. And there’s always google translate……
One thing’s for sure: perusing the CraftKitchen-site will leave you inspired, and sometimes that’s all we need to spark our creative side again!
Happy – and crafty – times!


Marianne xx

3 thoughts on “CraftKitchen”

    • Thank you so much, Sigrid, that is so very, very nice & sweet of you to say! It sure made my day, thanks again! Marianne xx

  • It must be heaps of fun doing projects for the Craftkitchen and stepping out of your comfort zone in terms of craft can only be good for creativity. There are some wonderful things here!

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