Crochet Lantern(s)

During our most recent – as always pleasant and inspiring – “CraftKitchen”-bloggers meeting, we came up with the idea to have a “Christmas Challenge” amongst the five of us.
We would all receive a box with the same materials, and design a x-mas project with (most) of them: fun and exciting!

Usually we share our projects in our private “CraftKitchen-group” as soon as they’re finished (way before publication date), but this time it was decided that we should all keep our makes secret. This was not easy, haha!

Over the past few weeks all our projects have been published on the “CraftKitchen”-site, and it has been great to see what Janneke, Lidy, Lisanne, and Liza made! Even though all five of us used the same technique – crochet – we all came up with something different.I made a “Christmas Lantern”, and decided to crochet a non-Christmas version as well, and I’m sure you’re not surprised to see my second lantern is a pink one 😉The free pattern is available in Dutch and English, and I do hope you’ll enjoy crocheting it as much as I have enjoyed creating it!
The Dutch version can be found via the CraftKitchen-site, and here (on my blog); this is the link to the English pattern; for a complete overview of all the free crochet patterns on my blog, just click here.

Happy making!
Marianne xx

6 thoughts on “Crochet Lantern(s)

  1. Darling, these are too lovely for words!

    Happy Christmas to you and your beautiful gang from your friends in Wales.

    Love and hugs xxxx

    • You’re too kind, sweetheart!

      Ah, thank you: a VERY happy Christmas to my favorite friends in Wales!

      Much love, xxx

    • Dankjewel, Wendy: lief!
      Ja, haha, roze is altijd een goed plan, hé ;-)?

      Jij ook hele fijne feestdagen! Liefs, Marianne xx

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