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Easter Egg Cozies

There’s a Dutch version of the pattern also, just click here to go there!

maRRose - CCC --- egg cozies - rabbits-04To add an extra touch of cheer to your Easter table, I made these Easter Egg Cozies. Here’s how you can make them too – enjoy!
maRRose - CCC --- egg cozies - rabbits-01Things you’ll need:

Different kinds of cotton; I used white and beige for the heads/bodies, light pink and white/beige for the ears; blue, yellow and pink for the embellishments

DMC-embroidery floss (light pink for the noses, a slightly darker pink for the mouths, dark brown and black for the eyebrows)

4 mm beads, for the eyes

If you want to make the teeth, you’ll need a tiny piece of white felt also

Crochet hook (3,5 mm), stitch marker, scissors, darning needle, and embroidery needle

US crochet terminology used

maRRose - CCC --- egg cozies - rabbits-08Head
1. In a magic circle you crochet 5 sc’s;
2. In every sc from the previous round, you crochet 2 sc’s (total of 10 sc’s);
3. In this round you crochet: * 1 sc, 2 sc’s **; repeat from * to ** (15 sc’s);
4. Repeat round 3 (22 sc’s);
5. This is the last round in which you’ll add sc’s; you’ll crochet: * 1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc’s **, repeat from * to ** (29 sc’s);
6. Crochet 10 rounds of 29 sc’s, up to a total of 15 rounds;
7. Fasten off, darn in ends.maRRose - CCC --- egg cozies - tutorial-01

Crochet a chain of 9 with light pink; from the second stitch from your hook, you’ll crochet 7 sc’s. In the next sc (the 8th), you’ll crochet 3 sc’s, and by doing so, you kind of turn around the corner.
Having arrived on the other side of your chain of 9, you’ll crochet 7 sc’s. Fasten off, darn in ends. Join with white (or beige, depending what color bunny your making) in the first pink sc; crochet 3 chains (= 1st dc; you can also start with a standing dc).

Crochet 1 dc in the next following 6 sc’s from the previous round (total of 7 dc’s).
In the next sc you crochet: 1 dc and 1 trdc; in the following stitch: 3 trdc (turning the corner again). In the next stitch: 1 trdc and 1 dc. In the following 7 stitches 1 dc each.
Your crochet will look a bit curved, no worries, that’s what we want, to achieve the perfect look for your bunny ear. Fasten off, and make sure to leave a long tail – you’re going to use it to sew the ear(s) to the head.
Crochet the 2nd ear.maRRose - CCC --- egg cozies - tutorial-02

Little flower
With yellow you’ll crochet 10 sc’s in a magic circle, fasten off, sew in your ends. Join with pink in any sc, and crochet in the first stitch: 1 sc, 1 dc. In the next stitch: 1 sc, 1 dc. Repeat until you’ll see 5 little petals. Fasten off, sew in ends.maRRose - CCC --- egg cozies - tutorial-05

Little bow
Crochet 9 chains with blue. In the 3rd chain from your hook you crochet 1 dc; in the next stitches: 1dc, 1hdc, 1 slip stitch, 1hdc, 1 dc, 1 dc, 2 chains. Slip stitch into the first stitch of your chain-of-9. Fasten off, sew in ends.
With a contrasting color, you’ll wind around the exact middle of the little bow, about 8 times. Fasten off, but keep a long tail.

Fold the head in two, and make sure that the spot where you fastened off is at the back, right in the middle. Fold the ears, sew the the straight edges together. Sew them to the head, between round 5 and 6.
maRRose - CCC --- egg cozies - tutorial-03Sew the eyes onto the head, approx. between round 7 and 8, ca. 4 sc’s in between. Embroider the eyebrows with brown or black DMC.
Two rounds up from the bottom, you’ll embroider the little noses with light pink. You can do this by stitching a triangle, that you’ll fill with pink stitches. Using the darker pink DMC, you’ll embroider the mouth – use the photo for reference.
Sew the little flower and bow to the heads.maRRose - CCC --- egg cozies - tutorial-04maRRose - CCC --- egg cozies - rabbits-109I gave the beige bunnies teeth – just for fun – by sewing two tiny pieces of felt right underneath their stitched mouths.
maRRose - CCC --- egg cozies - rabbits-02