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Tunisian Crochet Stool Cover à la Pip Studio

The Dutch version of this pattern can be found here.

Things you’ll need:

Basically any kind of dk/worsted/aran yarn;
I used “ByClaire Softmix”, in light pink (204 – 4 balls of 50 grams each);
Some leftover cotton, I used “ByClaire Cotton”), white (310), fuchsia (236), light green (2158);
Tunisian hook, 8 mm (US: L/11 – see chart);
Regular crochet hook, 3.5 mm (US: E/4);
Stool, I used Ikea’s “OddVar”;
Some ribbon, scissors, needle/thread

This stool cover is crocheted using the tunisian crochet technique – as explained in these tutorials here and here.
(US terms used)

Some additional tips:
* I like to pick up my first row of loops (1st forward pass) crocheting through the back of my foundations chains, using the little bumps you see at the back of the “v”‘s created by your chains. It creates a nice ridge, that will not only look prettier, but will also be helpful attaching the side piece later on

* At the end of your forward pass, right when you’re about to crochet your last stitch, it’s recommended to put your hook through both loops of the “v” you see just below (as shown in the photo). This too creates a nice ridge on that side, which will come in handy further in the pattern
First, we’re going to crochet the top of the cover. If you’re using the “OddVar” like I did, you’ll need a square of 33cm x 33cm.
Making a 10cm x 10cm swatch is a real good idea – you’ll know exactly how many stitches and rows you’ll need for your stool cover.

I chained 38 stitches and crocheted 34 rows, after which I blocked my slightly curling piece of tunisian crochet.
After that I crocheted the 4 side pieces. I picked up my 38 stitches again, making sure to crochet through the backloops only. For the two side pieces I needed to add 4 stitches in total, so I increased 2 at the beginning and 2 at the end of my first rows.
The side pieces all count 7 rows; after they were ready, I – again – blocked my crochet and hand stitched the short sides together to create 4 corners.
Little Dots:
Switch to a regular hook and your white cotton. Slide your hook under two horizontal stitches/bars; pick up a loop, yarn over, go back under the two stitches, yarn over, pick up a loop – repeat this until you count 9 loops on your hook. Yarn over and through all 9 loops; close with a slip stitch. Pull both yarn ends tight – sew in at the back of your tunisian crochet.
To evenly crochet the little dots onto the cover, I made sure I had 5 stitches (horizontally counted) as well as 5 rows in between my dots, but you can – of course – do whatever pleases your eye.

With your regular hook and the fuchsia/pink cotton you chain 5; slip stitch in the 1st chain to form a circle; * in the ring you crochet a 9-loop puff stitch (done exactly like the little dots you just made), chain 3, slip stitch into circle **; repeat from * to ** 2 more times – total of three puffs in circle; leaving long yarn ends makes sewing your little flowers onto the cover easier.

Attach the light green cotton into the circle with the 3 flower puffs; chain 7; starting in the 2nd stitch from your hook, you crochet: 1 slip stitch, 1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 1hdc, 1sc; continue on the opposite side: 1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 1hdc, 1sc, 1 slst; fasten off – leave long yarn ends.

Pin your flowers onto the cover – spread them out evenly in between the little dots. I made 9 flowers&leaves and used their long yarn ends to sew them to the crochet.

Lastly I stitched 2 pieces of ribbon to each of the 4 corners, so as to keep the cover nicely in place.