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“Delicious Crochet Shawls” – book review and giveaway

“Delicious Crochet Shawls” – book review and giveaway

New crochet books are being published at the speed of light, or so it seems…
Even though I’m not much of a ‘material girl’, when it comes to inspiring crafty books (and yarn), I all of a sudden turn into… well, let’s be honest here: a bit of a greedy person. I “just” want to own them all! Typing this out now, makes me all go … oops, haha. Knowing I’m not alone on this (right??) makes the embarrassment somewhat better to handle 😉

Especially my wonderful publisher, Tuva Publishing, is releasing one beautiful book after the other, most recently “Delicious Crochet Shawls” by Lisa Cook (link to buy on Amazon here).
I felt so pleased, when Lisa and Tuva asked me to be on Lisa’s book blog tour: I loooove crocheting shawls, and I knew the book would be filled to the brim with splendid designs (plus, since we’re honest here: it meant one more “book-I-really-need” to tick off the list… 😉 )
So, very lucky me, and… very lucky YOU, because Tuva sent me TWO copies, one of which I’m allowed to give away to one of you lovely readers: YAY!

In no way was I wrong thinking that the book would have nothing but gorgeous shawl patterns, and I had a tough time picking…
After quite some deliberating I decided on the “Blueberry Muffin”; I loved the slightly bold design of the shawl’s body combined with ever so pretty, lacy border.
No time went into choosing the yarn that I wanted to crochet this shawl with: the peachy DMC Woolly (a 100% very soft merino, color 101, I used 7 balls) that I had in my stash, was a perfect match.

The rest is history, as they say. Following the very clear pattern instructions, I zoomed through the pattern. The book has charts for all patterns as well – a true bonus, if you ask me – and lots of inspiring photos of each of the 21 (!) shawls. I’m leafing through the book as I type this post, and again I’m struck by the lovely (pattern-, yarn- and color-wise) variety Lisa is giving us.
If you follow this hashtag (#deliciouscrochetshawls), and/or Lisa’s instagram account, you’ll see plenty more delightful examples of her shawls: all very inspiring!

As for me, I could not be happier with the way my “Blueberry Muffin” turned out, although mine is more of a “Peach Muffin” given its color; soon enough I’ll be wearing it with much pleasure, now that autumn has arrived in my part of the world.
Also, the urge to start another shawl from “Delicious Crochet Shawls” is huge, but I do need to finish some ‘wips’ first…

“Delicious Crochet Shawls” is a must-have for all shawl-loving crocheters out there. If that sounds like you, or someone you know: you can WIN the book here!

To enter you simply leave a comment under this post; this giveaway is open internationally, and will close Wednesday, October 3, 2018 – 22:00 (CET).
Make sure I can reach you via email – if I do not hear back from the winner within 24 hrs after notification, a new winner will be drawn.

edit: this giveaway is now closed – thank you all for participating! A winner has been drawn & notified.

Good luck to all!

Marianne xx

PS: do yourself a favor, and visit sweet&talented Frederika (here and/or here) tomorrow – she’s next up in the blog tour; I can’t wait to see the deliciousness she has crocheted from Lisa’s book!

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67 thoughts on ““Delicious Crochet Shawls” – book review and giveaway”

  • Oh wow, although I have made a couple of shawls I don’t own a book of shawl patterns. Maybe this is the one for me! ?

  • Wauw, een heel boek met mooie sjaals…. wie zou dat niet willen winnen met de winter voor de deur, zodat meerook nog direct aan kunt gaan beginnen…
    Mooie sjaal!

  • Deze sjaal is prachtig! Ik ben heel benieuwd naar de overige patronen uit het boek dus ik doe graag mee met deze give away!

  • I love the colour you picked for your shawl!! It changes the look so much. Beautiful choice. I would love to win this book! Shawls are probably my favourite thing to crochet. 🙂

  • Stunning shawl?

    Sounds like the book is a must have ..

    -it would be great to win it, but if someone else gets lucky.. I definitely put it on my “must-have “-list!

    Thank you for sharing and the opportunity to win!

  • Lieve Marianne,

    Ik moest even je blog lezen! Wat heb ik weer genoten ?. De sjaal die jij hebt uitgekozen is echt prachtig! Ik snap je helemaal wat je verzameling boeken betreft ?. Ik probeer, met de nadruk op probeer, me in te houden hihi.

    Liefs, Loes

  • That shawl is gorgeous! I can already imagine which skein from my stash would be perfect for that pattern! ????

  • Beautiful shawl. I too have been busy making them. One for me and a couple for my parents who are in a facility but it gets cold in there so it is nice to have it available to throw over their shoulders.

  • I usually don´t do cloths( I am rather a passionate yarn bomber), but I love this shawl. I would consider making one during cold winter evenings.:)

  • Oh wat heerlijk; een boek vol shawls! Ik ben heel benieuwd naar het boek. De door jou gehaakte sjaal lijkt me in ieder geval al zo één waar je geen genoeg van krijgt en hem in meerdere kleuren haakt. Prachtig!

  • Wat een prachtige sjaal! !
    Ik zou heel graag meedoen met de give away om zelf ook zo n mooie sjaal te kunnen maken.

  • El color del chal si Mariaque es delicioso! Me encantaría el libro y tener mi casa llena de deliciosos chales!

  • Oh, after looking at the above pictures, I would love to be able to make some of your shawls. They are absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Oh uhm ja bolletjes en haakboeken .,,we blijven er dol op! Ook al zeggen we honderd keer dat we nu echt genoeg hebben. Liefs, Lin – hipenhandgemaaktbylin

  • Wat een ontzettend mooie sjaal. Ik doe graag mee met de give-away.

    Lieve groetjes,

  • O wat mooi ik vind het prachtig. Ik wou ook heel graag meedoen. A girl with dutch heritage living in the land down under would love this book.

  • O lucky you en wat een gave actie ? Ik heb nog wat prachtige bolletjes liggen die perfect zouden zijn voor een prachtige shawl, dus dit prachtige boek zou een geweldige bron van inspiratie zijn ? En nog mooi op tijd voor de feestdagen, dus misschien kunnen we nog iemand verrassen met een prachtige shawl onder de boom ??

  • Hi!! The shawl and the shade you use is gorgeous! I strated to crochet shawls this year and I fall in love how versatile they are. Thanks for the chance. Good luck to everybody. Love peace and lots of crochet.

  • Marianne, wat een mooie blog schreef jij over dit prachtige sjaal magazine. Ikzelf doe niks liever dan sjaals breien en haken. Dit zou dan ook zo leuk zijn om de give away te winnen. Je sjaal is prachtig qua kleur en model. Echt wauwtastisch.

  • Ohh wowie!!! Would love to win a copy of this book! Can use some inpiration..running low at te moment, lol! Fingers crossed! XO

  • This color is stunning! The pattern in amazing as well! Love following you.
    I would love to win a copy of this book!

  • This must be an awesome book. I would love to make some of them if not all. Lovely give away
    Xx Alette

  • wauw wat een supermooie sjaal marianne en prachtige foto’s ervan! ik doe graag mee met de giveaway voor het prachtige boek van @lisasattik. ik volg haar al een tijdje en ik heb wel een paar favorietjes voorbij zien komen zoals de Rhubarb crumble wrap waar @ahnnuemw ook mee gestart is. nu duimen dus! fijne avond lieve Marianne xx esther (essiebirdies)

  • Really beautiful… to crochet shawls..
    The colour and pattern of your shawl are wonderful

  • Ooh op de valreep waag ik ook een kansje! Ik hou van sjaals en de herfst en van wat ik van dit boek al voorbij heb zien komen *swoon* oohh dat zou gaaf zijn!

  • Wow the shawl looks fab & can’t wait to see what else is made by the others on the blog tour. As of course what else is in the book x

  • ik ben nog net op tijd! zag net je post op insta en had deze give-away bijna helemaal gemist! wat een prachtig boek lijkt me dit, zou super tof zijn om te winnen.

  • Wat een prachtige sjaal Marianne en de kleur is beeldig ! Het lijkt me ook een geweldig boek?

  • Lisa creates such beautiful shawls – would love to try out some in this book. Yours is very pretty.

  • Just about to have surgery on my foot and have been looking for some inspiration for a project to keep me occupied. Would be amazing to win the book, I can make lots of presents for my family

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