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Hot water bottle cover

maRRose - CCC, hot water bottle cover green

This ugly blue hot water bottle has been sitting in my craft room for more than a year. Ever since I got it, I’ve been meaning to crochet a pretty cover for it. However, it seems like I’m too easily distracted when it comes to crafts and crochet, so the hot water bottle continued to live a naked life.

hot water bottle cover - the beginning

That is, until last Friday, when I started crocheting its’ coat as yet another
(oh my ….) in-between project.
The week before I got a beautiful soft “egypt cotton” at our local market, from “De Wolman“; I love it! The label says it is a mix of 55% polyacrylic/45% cotton and it’s called “King Cotton”, by Firma Max Gründl.
I really wanted to do something with these soft beauties right away and the hot water bottle caught my eye ….

hot water bottle cover

I used a hook size 6 (= metric), that would be J/10 for US and 4 for UK/Canada, quite a different feel as opposed to my usual 3,5 (E/4 US – 9 UK/Can). I crocheted just 12 basic granny squares, using the join-as-you-go for both front and back panel, 6 squares each (wonderful jag-tutorial here).
I then crocheted three rounds of sc (US – dc/UK) around each panel and a fourth round attaching front and back (leaving the bottom open, but crocheting front and back bottom sides also with the blue connecting color).

For the neck I picked up the stitches to work around it, increasing 2 stitches each on the left and right in the fifth round. In the last round I used a simple picot (*sc, 2 chains, sc in same stitch, skip one stitch *) and finished it off with a round of pink slip stitches over the last round. I sewed 4 little buttons on the inside of the back panel; the hook 6 stitches being pretty big, they fitted right through. Ta-dah!
Hook 6 also meant this was a quick ride and I am so, so happy with the result!

hot water bottle cover


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