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Dots & Doily Party

Dots & Doily Party

Last Saturday I went to such a won-der-ful creative party, I just have to share all the positive vibes I’m still experiencing two days later with you here!
Are you ready for an avalanche of positiveness on this – in my part of the world – grey and rainy autumn Monday?
I’m telling you: everything about this Saturday afternoon was just splendid!

What was the occasion? Three lovely crafty friends, Chantal, Doreen and Joyce came up with the idea to host a fun party, inviting a whole bunch of creative people, most of whom would have shown interest in more than 1 craft.
In this particular case: dot art (“dots”) and crochet (“doily”).

A little something I brought for our lovely hosts (the free pattern of the flower can be found here on my blog)

About 25 ladies gathered in picturesque Eersel around noon in Chantal’s beautiful backyard. A tent had been put up and decorated, it looked so festive and welcoming!
The tables had been set with the gorgeous Flora Castle ceramics, pretty dotted art & supplies, gorgeous crochet doilies, flowers, and a stylish personalized paper bag was found on every chair filled with lovely yarn from Hobbii plus the patterns to crochet the doily and/or ‘dot’ a tile.

Don’t you love Joyce‘s table cards ↓?
After plenty of ooh-ing, aah-ing, and photo taking, we took our seats and were served a delicious lunch first.

Then we all started either ‘dotting’ or crocheting, and believe it or not: it was fairly quiet in the tent for quite some time.
One of the things that is so extra special about meeting creative people is the instant bond. I’ve said it before, but it’s so true – whether you have met each other before or not: sharing this passion is a fantastic foundation and prompt conversation starter. And you know what? Creatives are really nice people too! Cheering each other on, helping out, the ‘dotters’ giving tips to the ‘crocheters’ and vice versa… ah, spending an afternoon in such an uplifting atmosphere is good for the soul!

However… the quietness disappeared quickly when Chantal, Doreen and Joyce announced there would be a tombola with lots-and-lots of fabulous prizes to win for everyone!
Feeling very spoilt at that point in time already, we had no idea the tombola would be followed by yet another fa-bu-lous (yarn) giveaway, and not 1, not 2, but 3 goodiebags at the end of this superfun afternoon.

It surely felt like celebrating a birthday, Sinterklaas and/or Xmas all at the same time! So many, kind and generous sponsors … thank you Rosalie, YLA Box, Yarn & Colors, Stipstijl, Wolplein, Illeke, Saskia Laan, ByClaire, Adinda, Basic Lodge, Gekkleurd, Huis&Haak, Janna, Studio Babs, Kunstbrug, Van den Hurk, Plamirel, and of course the terrific trio that initiated all this!

A special mention goes to Borgo de Pazzi / BN Agenturen: I just loooove my beautiful “Amore Jeans” and grey “Luna”, and I foresee a “Luna Cardigan” (pattern by Miriam Catshoek from the “Let’s Get Chunky”-magazine, more info here) in the not too distant future!

As always, there is more party fun to see following the party’s hashtag: #dotsanddoilyparty.

Today definitely calls for some calming crocheting, and – in last Saturday’s spirit – I think I’ll be finishing Doreen’s happy doily first!

Have a great week, sweet people!
Oh, and do not forget to enter the “Delicious Crochet Shawls”-book giveaway: you can still enter – just go here!

Marianne xx

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