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Edwards Crochet Imaginarium – Giveaway

Happy New Year!
I hope this new year will bring you everything you’re hoping for, and the words love, friendship, good health – plus of course lots-and-lots of creativity – are the ones that I surely hope will play a prominent role in 2017.

I’m still in major “catch up modus” – definitely where blogging is concerned, and I hope you won’t mind my slowly, but surely working through all things that (I think) need catching up on.
First one is a real good one: a rather fabulous giveaway! Sounds good, right?

Just as I was putting the finishing touches on things concerning my own book, the wonderful people at Toft sent me their latest book, “Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium”, by Kerry Lord, along with some of the lovely Toft yarns.
I had seen Kerry’s previous books going around on social media, and always thought of them as fun, but never got my hands on one of them, so I was thrilled to receive this issue.

My enthusiasm quickly grew when I opened the book and browsed through.
Not only because the designs are one-of-a-kind and witty, but the set-up of the book is really unique as well, and I so like that. I can’t help myself, I just think the whole book is awesome.
Do you remember the interactive children’s flip books? Well, the core of this book is exactly that: with 1 standard form, you compose your very own project, by picking from designs for 23 heads, 23 arms, 23 legs, and 5 tails, enabling you to make over one million different monster creations, how cool is that?
This hashtag will give you a good impression of the endless possibilities working from “Ed’s Flip Book”. 

The instructions in “Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium” are very clear, and I had a great time making “Morris Monster”! I’m a sucker for anything cute, so that’s what I went for in my first project. I crocheted the body with DMC Natura Medium and hook 4.0 mm, and I used the yarn that came in the tote bag for a tiny little fair isle scarf for Morris, based on this image/pattern I found on Pinterest.
I just love how my little Morris fella turned out ……

And the very best part? Toft has graciously allowed me to give one copy of “Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium” away, together with the tote and 3 skeins of their yarn.
All you have to do is leave a comment and an email address here and/or on my Facebook-page before Sunday January 8, 2017 – I’ll draw a winner at 8:00 pm my time (=GMT+1), and will notify him or her immediately thereafter.
Good luck to all of you!

Marianne xx

PS: yes, that’s correct ….. you can enter twice: here and on Facebook 🙂

EDIT: this giveaway is now closed; a winner has been drawn and notified via email – thank you all for participating!

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40 thoughts on “Edwards Crochet Imaginarium – Giveaway”

  • Geen Facebook, maar wel lezer van je blogs en instagram 🙂 zag t boek al eens voorbij komen en met jou aanvulling hoe de inhoud eruit ziet wordt ik ‘monsterachtig’ blij. Bijna klaar met m’n eerste laylala, dus een leuke opvolger!

  • Ik hou eigenlijk helemaal niet van amigurumis, maar dit boek en jouw aanstekelijke beschrijving maken me wel heel nieuwsgierig om me er ook eens aan te wagen. En dat dasje is gewoon te schattig 🙂

  • Ook ik zou graag een kansje wagen, hij staat al een tijdje op de wensenlijst!
    Bedankt voor alle inspiratie!!

  • We krijgen binnenkort een kleintje en ik zou niets liever willen dan zijn (yes, it’s a boy) knuffeltjes zelf maken <3

  • I would love to be entered into the draw. I have just discovered amigurumi and this book would keep me busy for some time.

  • Dat lijkt me een gaaf boek! Jammer dat ik in Londen geen haakboeken kon vinden in de books tore, had ik even een kijkje kunnen nemen. Ben vooral benieuwd het flipgedeelte. Ik doe graag mee.

  • I’ve been wanting to attempt amigurimi for a while now…. This might be the extra push I need!! Such cute stuff!!

  • If I was to win this wonderful book
    Everyone will want to take a look
    A lovely giveaway from Marianne
    Reading your blog defiantly a fan

    Please do enter me in your draw
    A big Kerry Lord fan I am in awe
    Thank you now I will wait to see
    If your GIVEAWAY winner is me

  • I would really like to win this book! I like the patterns they are so cute????
    I’ll cross my fingers

  • My crochet-creativity needs to be stretched beyond blankets and this would definately help! Even if I don’t win, at least I’ve discovered your beautiful blog? That’s a win anyway!

  • Wat een geweldig boek lijkt me dit Marianne ! Ontzettend leuke en aparte figuurtjes ! Ik moet natuurlijk aan deze give away deelnemen als fervent amigurumi haakster ! Groetjes Esther

  • I love making crochet toys and amigurumi, and Toft books are simply awesome!
    I would love to win this book ❤

  • Jaaaah! Een boek met lieverds én monsters! Eens kijken of ik mijn 10 jarige zoon nu wel aan de haak krijg. Bij die van 13 is het gelukt, die haakt wel eens een poef.

  • O die zijn gaaf onze jongens worden geheid helemaal wild als ze deze zien en mama heeft weer genoeg te doen het komende jaar ????

  • Zou helemaal te leuk zijn marianne. Ben toe aan nieuwe leuke en lieve projectjes.
    Lieve groet petra

  • Ook voor jou en allen die je lief zijn de beste wensen.
    Wat een prachtig boek is dat zeg. Ik waag graag een gokje mee hoor.

  • I live in America so I don’t get my ” Simply Crochet ” magazine for 2 months after it is published in England. I just bought issue 51 which introduced me to Edwards Crochet Imaginarium, I’m sooo excited about this book! I spend most my time crocheting cat toys because I Foster ferral kittens. I saw these characters and am totally excited, I know I’ll love crocheting them. Every once in a while something catches your eye and you just know it’s your next project!

  • I live in America, I just found this book and can’t even express my excitement! The patterns are wonderful, please choose me, PLEASE !

  • Wat een geweldig boek???? Alledrie mijn dochters zijn dolenthousiast en hebben al hun knuffels samengesteld????

  • PROBLEM…… How do you read the patterns , the patterns are NOT very clear, they are so confusing, it is in some kind of shorthand and there is no help out there from imaginarium in the books or on line. : (

    • Oh, dear, I’m so sorry to hear this, Gina….. And I don’t think I can offer any help either (I had no problems reading the patterns, but that’s not going to be of any help to you, I’m afraid) – have you tried googling “how to read a crochet pattern crochet abbreviations”? Good luck! Marianne xx

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