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Emília – a crocheted doll

maRRose - CCC: crocheted doll EmíliaOne of my dear and sweetest friends is originally from Brazil and so is her lovely sister-in-law. In fact, I think my Brazilian friend is one of my biggest fans and the best supporter ever.
It was her who encouraged me to follow my heart and passion and actually start my “maRRose – Colorful Crochet & Crafts” business, which turned out to be one of my best decisions ever. Not because of the business aspect of it, but for the joy that creating beautiful things brings me and the fact that “maRRose – CCC” has connected me to so many wonderful, inspiring people who I share the same passion with.
I can never thank her enough for this ……

maRRose - CCC: crocheted doll Emília

My dear friend’s sister-in-law has just had her first child, a precious baby girl and my friend bought one of my first made cushions for her darling niece, the bolster cushion that I showed before on Instagram.

I love to wrap my makes as nicely as I can, and of course I add my business card, which lead to my friend’s sister-in-law checking out my social media, finding doll Zoë that I crocheted some time ago.
maRRose - CCC: crocheted doll Emília

She immediately texted my friend, if she could please ask me to make one of these for her baby girl. My Zoë reminded her of a rag doll/character that she grew up with back in Brazil, the famous “Emília”.
She wanted to pass on her own special and fond memories to her little daughter, hence her request.
(Wikipedia gives an extensive description on Emília, should you want to learn more. If I understand well, it’s a kind of Pippi Longstocking, very popular when I was a child myself.)
maRRose - CCC: crocheted doll Emília     maRRose - CCC: crocheted doll Emília                maRRose - CCC: crocheted doll Emília               maRRose - CCC: crocheted doll Emília          maRRose - CCC: crocheted doll Emília

What else to do than oblige – immediately? So I got out the excellent pattern by very talented Sarah/Annaboo’s House and started creating her Astrid doll again.
And knowing that my Emília is so wanted and will be loved so much, has given me even more pleasure making her, and I can’t wait to gift her to her new owner!
maRRose - CCC: crocheted doll EmíliaLove,

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10 thoughts on “Emília – a crocheted doll”

    • Thank you, Sheila – yes, this handmade gift was extra special to me too! I’ve just had the pleasure of meeting sweet baby Anna and giving Emília to her lovely mom – happy moment! Marianne xx

  • She is so gorgeous! My husband is Brazilian too so I will show him this to see if he remembers the character. I’d love to have one in the house and I’m tempted to make it for our son, but I’m not sure he’s the kind of boy who’s into dolls (goodness knows I’ve tried though)… So maybe I’ll make it for the next girl baby that comes along 🙂

    • Aw …. thank you so much for your lovely compliment! Oh, yes, that will be interesting to know, whether he knows or remembers “Emília”.
      Well …. you can always make one for yourself! Marianne xx

  • What a beautiful doll, I can’t immagine that the little girl wouldn’t like here and she will be her favorite 🙂

  • Hallo Marianne. Ik vind de pop helemaal te gek. Graag zou ik deze willen maken maar ik kan nergens aan het patroon komen. Sarah/ Annaboo’s house verkoopt deze niet meer.
    Kun jij me helpen?

    • Hi Liesbeth! Dank voor je lieve compliment – wat is ze leuk, hè? Ik kan me voorstellen dat je haar ook wilt maken. Ik weet dat Sarah (net als veel andere Etsy-patroon verkopers) tijdelijk haar patronen uit haar Etsy-winkel had gehaald, vanwege de onduidelijkheid over nieuwe Europese BTW (VAT) maatregelen miv 1/1/2015. Etsy heeft hiervoor inmiddels een oplossing gevonden en – goed nieuws – ik zag zojuist dat Sarah haar patronen weer gelist heeft in haar winkel (link hier:! Ook haar Astrid-doll patroon staat weer te koop! Veel plezier met het m/haken! Marianne xx

      • Hallo Marianne, Harstikke bedankt voor de info. Ga direct het patroon bestellen en dan linea recta garen kopen. Bij mijn neef is net een dochtertje geboren. Een fantastisch kraamcadeautje lijkt me deze pop.
        Nogmaals bedankt voor de moeite en ik zal je werk zeker blijven volgen.
        Groetjes Liesbeth.

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