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maRRose - CCC: "Florence" ShawlWith the internet at hand, inspiration is always close by.
Two of the very talented ladies I love to follow are Eliane Roest (instagram, here – blog, here) and her partner in crochet-crime Janin Wensink (instagram, here – blog, here).
When I saw their latest design, the “Florence” (link to – paid – pattern, in Dutch ànd English, here or here), I instantly fell in love and wanted to crochet ‘her’ too.
maRRose - CCC: "Florence" ShawlUnlike the suggestion the ladies give for the yarn to use to crochet this shawl, I stuck with my trusted “Hema-acrylic”-yarn, double strands, hooksize 8, in the lovely “aqua” – such a pretty blue (tough to photograph, but in real life a “blue-ty”).
And I liked the result …… very much! Pattern, hooksize, yarn, color: I loved the match and “Florence” was not only a true joy to crochet, but also a quick project.

While crocheting the body of the shawl I tried to come up with an idea for a border, but nothing that came to mind tugged at my heartstrings.
Thinking that it was thus meant to be for my “Florence” to live a borderless live, I started taking photos in preparation of a blog post.
maRRose - CCC: "Florence" Shawl maRRose - CCC: "Florence" Shawl

And then “boom”: big tug!
I wás going to do a border and in fact, a very, very BOLD border, sticking to my beloved pompoms – why would I care about “something new” when I was still in love with “something old”?
Do you ever find yourself crocheting, smiling from ear to ear, because you’re so happy seeing what your hands are doing?

Well, that’s what I did and what I’m still doing when looking at my now finished “Florence”!
maRRose - CCC: "Florence" ShawlmaRRose - CCC: "Florence" ShawlmaRRose - CCC: "Florence" Shawl“Florence” is bound to have a couple more siblings ……….

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