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Follow-up Friday – Shawls

maRRose - CCC - puurhaken summer shawl for Elise-01It’s Friday, I have finished projects to show you, and that’s all we need for a new “Follow-up Friday”-post, isn’t it?
Come to think of it: I have a couple of other things that I’d love to share with you too, so here goes!

My finished products are two shawls, that I’ve been working on over the past few weeks. I’ve only just noticed they have two things in common: they’re both patterns from talented Maaike, and they’ve both been made using – beautiful, as always – Lana Grossa yarns. Quite the coincidence!

The first one is the burgundy shawl, knitted after Maaike’s “Omslagdoek”-pattern from her latest book, “Hollands Welgaren”.
maRRose - CCC - Hollands Welgaren Shawl-07A very easy knit – very relaxing to do – that ended up as a wonderfully soft, warm and comfy shawl, thanks to the gorgeous Lana Grossa Lala Berlin, ánd my blogging friend & colleague Janneke (who graciously gifted me the yarn).
And isn’t that maRRose-leather label from “Mez11” the perfect finishing touch?maRRose - CCC - Hollands Welgaren Shawl-03

maRRose - CCC - Hollands Welgaren Shawl-04The second one is the “Zomersjaal” from Maaike’s first book, “Puurhaken”, crocheted with my beloved Lana Grossa 3Cento. Even though the colors of this particular 3Cento are very autumnal, and the pattern’s called “summer shawl”, I think they’re a pretty good match.
maRRose - CCC - puurhaken summer shawl for Elise-06 maRRose - CCC - puurhaken summer shawl for Elise-05I absolutely love this design, and I’ve crocheted it many times already, as the photo collage below shows.maRRose - CCC - puurhaken summer shawls

Other projects in queue are the “Rustic Lace Square”-blanket (only two squares added since my last update), a new cushion cover, and a new “thing” (bag? cushion cover? baby blanket?).

The new cushion cover is made of crochet diamonds, that have little hearts in a different color; they are the result of some doodling away with hook and yarn 🙂
maRRose - CCC --- Diamonds cushion cover-03maRRose - CCC --- Diamonds cushion cover-02I’m joining my diamonds with black, and I love how this makes the colors pop!
I’m assuming the cushion will be ready for its own “ta-dah” next week.

The new “thing” simply had to be started, when I came across these 5 patterns, that came as an extra with last year’s October/November-issue of the Dutch “Simply Haken” (also published in issue 33 of “Simply Crochet”).
maRRose - CCC --- geo blanket-01 maRRose - CCC --- geo blanket-03 I had already seen wonderful examples of this Susan Kennedy-design  – for instance on Dorien’s ig-account, here and here -, and could not resist the urge to give it a try myself.
I loved the black and white, but love the splash of bright pink mixed in even more …..
And then one with all bright colors, oh yum!
maRRose - CCC --- geo blanket-04Last Friday I attended another fantastic crochet party – organised by Karin and Atty, in a wonderful, and a bit eclectic venue called “Blijburg”. This fun restaurant can be found right on the outskirts of a rather new residential area in Amsterdam, “IJburg”.

maRRose - CCC --- Haakdate Blijburg-20“IJburg” is built following the Dutch policy of reclaiming land from the sea, and sits on the edge of the “IJsselmeer”.
Even though the weather was grey and gloomy, this morning amongst some 20 happy crocheters could not have been more colorful and bright: we all had a blast!
So much so, that I not only did not crochet one stitch, but had no time to take any pictures once the party got started either …..

Back home, I quickly prepared Saturday’s dessert, an old favorite. I promised on IG to share the recipe on the blog, so here it is (it’s in Dutch, but I’ve used Google Translate, and much to my surprise: I think this should work pretty well).
maRRose - CCC --- Champagne mousse dessert-01Saturday was spent with my parents – touring the area I grew up in, lunch in my hometown.
maRRose - CCC --- Nature-116 maRRose - CCC --- Nature-117The day ended with a nice dinner date with friends at our place. Chapeau to my sweet husband for preparing a wonderful risotto&salmon meal.
Then Sunday morning I had brunch with one of my dearest friends – a belated birthday gift from her, and after so much excitement, crochet is all I could do for the rest of that Sunday – as you may well understand 😉

This weekend looks a bit less crowded, but just as fun (mother-in-law coming over for dinner tonight, attending a Jazz festival tomorrow), and I sure hope your weekend will be at least equally nice!

Marianne xx

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