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Follow-up Friday

maRRose - CCC --- stack of happy socks-02It’s been a busy old week, and as far as working on the wip-list it was a good week too!

Carter’s still in Canada with my in-laws – after a last medical check-up late yesterday, we’re finally allowed/able to bring him back home. My husband is flying out tomorrow to pick him up, and if everything goes according to schedule, they’ll both be back in Amsterdam next Wednesday. We cannot wait to have him home again and take-over the – beyond excellent – special care from our in-laws.

So apart from being busy with the things that were going on regarding Carter, I’ve mainly been “Crafting as Therapy”, and not just crocheting and knitting as a mad woman, trying to finish my old wips.
As I told you last week, I had the privilege to moderate the “Craft as Therapy” Instagram account this week and I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this!
Going through the “Craft as Therapy”-gallery (over 8000 posts!) has been nothing short of a tremendous pleasure – there’s an unbelievable amount of gorgeous projects living under this hashtag. The really hard part, of course, was that I was only able to choose a limited amount of projects for my daily posts.

I also enjoyed looking for quotes, and my first quote-post simply had to be this one: so true!
do-more-of-what-makes-you-happy-picture-quote-02Due to my own “craft as therapy”, I’m able to tell you I’ve finished my blue socks! As you can see at the top of this post, I now have a short stack of self knitted happy socks and I’m pleased as punch! Who would have thought when I blogged about my first pair of knitted socks?
maRRose - CCC --- happy socks in blue-01I also made great progress on the black shawl, the body of which is finished now too. I’m happy to move on to the real fun part of this particular wip: the border. I’ve picked my main colors and have made a small start.
maRRose - CCC --- Lana Grossa Shawl-01In addition to this, I’m half way through a special project that’s a new design collaboration between Wollsinn and Made with Loops to be launched in September – very proud to be part of the tester team. There’s one big disadvantage …… I can’t show you the project involved…… well, maybe just a few teaser photos …..
maRRose - CCC --- Moya Star Shaw-03 maRRose - CCC --- Moya Star Shaw-05What I am able to show you, is the gorgeous yarn I’m working with on this project: 100% organic Moya yarn.
You can find out more on this fabulous yarn and its origin here, and where to buy here.
maRRose - CCC --- Moya Star Shaw-01Wishing you a wonderful, craft filled weekend!
Marianne xx

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6 thoughts on “Follow-up Friday”

  • Dear Marianne,
    Another fabulous post! So glad Carter is able to come home, I bet he is going to be so happy to have you looking after him, no matter how old they are…Mum is always best!
    Thank you for your kind words about the new design, glad you are enjoying it. Love your socks too, I always have a pair if socks on my needles as they are relaxing and so easily transported around.
    Have a fabulous weekend, much love
    Heike xxx

  • What a pretty picture that stack of socks makes – happy indeed! You’ll be relieved when you finally get Carter home, no doubt; I hope he isn’t too deflated by the whole experience and can maybe finish his trip one day.

    • Thank you, Sheila! We’re easily pleased, aren’t we 😉 – all it takes is a stack of self knitted socks ….
      Yes, I honestly can’t wait for him to be home again – one more sleep …. Love, Marianne xx

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