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Follow-up Friday – “Rose Party Triangles”

maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-19A few weeks ago someone in the CraftKitchen-organization got married, and of course we – the CraftKitchen blogger team – wanted to give him and his lovely wife-to-be a present, preferable a personal/handmade one.

Being the crafty people that we are, we came up with the idea of making a festive wedding garland.
maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-08maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-12Since the 5 of us live in different parts of The Netherlands, the idea was that we would all crochet 4 motifs for the bunting – in the same color, off-white – and send them to Lidy, who would then make one pretty garland of the 20 little flags.

maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-13And, I’m telling you: it turned out so, so nice! We were all chuffed to pieces to see the photos Lidy and Miriam took in Miriam’s luscious garden when it was ready!
Plus: it was so much fun to make something this pretty, as a team! It goes to show that you can achieve a lot in a relatively short time when you work together: I absolutely love my CraftKitchen buddies!

Should you want to give this a go yourself, I’ve tried to track down as many details on the garland’s motifs as I could:
Liza created her own granny square heart pattern (link to chart here), Lidy crocheted her flags from a crochet snowflake book, Lisanne followed her own “wallhanger” design (pattern comes as a bonus when you buy her book), and Janneke adapted her own “Lente Granny Square” (free pattern for the squares here; it’s in Dutch, but has clear step-by-step photos, so you lovely non-Dutch should be ok with it as well, you need to click on “werkbeschrijving” for the tutorial).

maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-05maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-07I did exactly the same thing as Janneke: I modified my “Rose” granny square (pattern&tutorial here) to a “Rose” triangle. I love how it turned out – whether made in off-white, or happy colors.
maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-23 maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-22Upon request, I’ve written up the pattern to share with you on the blog.
Simply click here, and make your own festive garland with these “Rose Party Triangles”!
maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-31Happy making, and a happy weekend!
Marianne xx

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8 thoughts on “Follow-up Friday – “Rose Party Triangles””

  • Wat een prachtige slinger hebben jullie samen gemaakt! En wat een prachtig “vlaggetje” ( klinkt wat oneerbiedig voor dit mooie ontwerp hihi ) heb jij gemaakt! En in kleur is hij ook om van te watertanden ! Dit patroontje gaat mee op vakantie… je hebt nooit genoeg slingers toch ? ?

    • Dankjewel, lieve Mir! Het was echt zo ontzettend leuk om dit samen (nota bene op afstand) te doen. En Lidy heeft ‘m natuurlijk op de haar bekende fantastische wijze in elkaar gezet (die leren labels: zó tof), en samen met jou prachtig op de foto gekregen: echt een gezamenlijk project! Dank voor je compliment voor mijn vlaggetje: leuk dat je ‘m gaat maken – erg benieuwd naar jouw versie! Liefs, Mar xx

  • Wat prachtig! Echt superleuk, die ga ik bewaren voor als een van mijn broers of zussen gaat trouwen. Of nee, ik ga m gewoon maken, dan heb ik de slinger al voor als het zover is ? Dank voor het delen van het patroon Marianne ? liefs, Leen

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