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Follow-up Friday – The Mandala Cushion

maRRose - CCC --- Mandala Cushion-02It wasn’t until this very morning – when I started organizing last week’s photos – that I realized how full, but fun a week this was.

maRRose - CCC - Mila the Wonderdog-53Filled with nature – lovely, but also very wet walks with Mila, filled with lots of crafting – always a good thing in my book, and filled with moderating the “Craft as Therapy”-account over on Instagram – at least as good as hands-on crafting.maRRose - CCC - Spring 2016-14maRRose - CCC - Spring 2016-13And how nice to be having a midweek extra day off – thank you King Willem Alexander for celebrating your birthday with all of us Dutch ;)!
maRRose - CCC --- Kingsday 2016-04

Apart from all this, I did finish a project, and I’m happy being able to share my latest cushion, the “Mandala Cushion Cover”.maRRose - CCC --- Mandala Cushion-05 maRRose - CCC --- Mandala Cushion-07

The mandala itself was crocheted following a pattern in Haafner’s “Mandalas to Crochet” book (more on that here).
I made it bigger to fit my 45 cm circular insert, just playing with stitches, and ending up crocheting 6 rounds with black, and a last one in blue.maRRose - CCC --- Mandala Cushion-06maRRose - CCC --- Mandala Cushion-04I then sewed the blue cover, added a zipper (!), and hand stitched the crochet part onto the blue cushion cover.
I love how it turned out ….. It’s for sale and I’ve listed it in my Etsy shop, link here.maRRose - CCC --- Mandala Cushion-09 maRRose - CCC --- Mandala Cushion-01

By moderating the Craft as Therapy-account, you not only pick and post people’s gorgeous work (that they share under #craftastherapy), but you get to choose a theme for that very week also. Looking at my rather gigantuas pile of test-squares, left over flowers and the like, I picked “craftastherapy_bitsandbobs” as the theme for “my” week, asking people to share their creative orphans with us. And, gosh, this turned into such a lovely gallery!maRRose - CCC --- Craft as Therapy-130

I added a little extra challenge to this whole “bits & bobs”-business, by seeing whether I could turn some of my unused crochet pieces into something new. I think my plan is going to work, but I’m still in the process of finishing……maRRose - CCC --- make-up bag-11Other than that I have added three more squares to the “Rustic Lace Square”-blanket, and have a small army of squares (9) lined up to be joined as well. All that’s left is color positioning and the last joining round on these, after which row 7/12 will be ready too, and I’ll be up to 77/132 squares, woohoo!maRRose - CCC - Rustic Lace Squares-30maRRose - CCC - Rustic Lace Squares-31

I wish you all a lovely weekend – I’m off crafting …….:)
Marianne xx

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