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Follow-up Friday

maRRose - CCC --- Bridal Shawl-Summer Shawl-05It’s hard to believe one full week has already passed since I announced my big wip-plan. Luckily I do have some finished wip’s to show you, even though it’s been a busy old week with (too) many non-crochet related things.

Why not start with the biggest achievement?
I’ve finished one of the bridal shawls!! Woohoo – very happy me!
maRRose - CCC --- Bridal Shawl-Summer Shawl-07 maRRose - CCC --- Bridal Shawl-Summer Shawl-09 maRRose - CCC --- Bridal Shawl-Summer Shawl-06Also: very anxious me, because I haven’t been able to show it to my friend yet (she’s on vacation – no internet access – and won’t be back until the beginning of August).
Her being happy with it is what counts most of course!
(btw: don’t you love my little photo bombing assistant ……;))

Then there’s one more “tadah”: the potholders I promised my mom are done as well. They were actually finished right before I posted my first “Follow-up Friday” here – so I’m cheating a tad bit …..
maRRose - CCC --- Potholders-01 maRRose - CCC --- Potholders-02They turned out quite cute – I padded them, by sewing fiberfill (the kind you use for quilts) into the fabric that I hand sewed the crochet fronts onto.
Pattern for the crochet part comes from Maartje’s blog – SillyOldSuitcase, link here.

Some rows were crocheted on the black shawl – but I have to admit I’m not too keen on working on this one: all this black is so very boring ……

I also managed to crochet 3 “rustic lace squares” – total count is 27 now – I do love to work on this project!
maRRose - CCC - Rustic Lace Squares-07maRRose - CCC - Rustic Lace Squares-02 maRRose - CCC - Rustic Lace Squares-05Since “Bridal Shawl No. 1” is ready, I have started with “Bridal Shawl No. 2” with the gorgeous “Colortwist” by Echtstudio in red(s). The link to the pattern I’m using can be found here.
maRRose - CCC --- Bridal Shawl-Summer Shawl-103To get the most out of the color changes from the “Colortwist”, we decided it would be best to crochet the shawl with the desired width as the base, deviating a bit from the pattern here. After doing the math, I started with a “foundation double crochet” (excellent tutorial by Moogly, here) and ended up with 12 times the repeat pattern of 26 stitches for the lace border, so a total of 312 stitches. Once blocked it will give us the width we’re going for, approx. 170 cm.
I’m pleased with how the pattern/yarn combination looks so far; however, I think that the border will add the real beauty to this shawl, and I can’t wait to start crocheting it …..
maRRose - CCC --- Bridal Shawl-Summer Shawl-104One week into this whole new project in itself, I have to tell you it’s really helping me staying focused and it’s a wonderful feeling that I’m able to check off 2 (two!!) wip’s from the list – “only” 11 more to go, haha!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
Marianne xx

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17 thoughts on “Follow-up Friday”

  • Dear Marianne, your are so productive! The Bridal Shawls look beautiful, your friend will be so happy! I personally like the red one best, red is such a great colour! Hope to seen it finished soon! Your ruztic laces squares look delicate, I like the colour combinations very much, and of course the potholders. I hope you have a nice weekend with lots of time crocheting! Bestg wishes, Viola

    • Dearest Viola,
      Thank you so much for your lovely compliments – that is so very sweet of you and very much appreciated! I like the red one best too, but I know that the other one will match bridal dress no. 1 perfectly, so I’m happy about that one also.
      I do plan on crocheting a lot this weekend, so hopefully I’ll have more finished things to show you next Friday! Have a great weekend – love, Marianne xx

  • Hello Marianne, lovely to see your finished bridal shawl, I thought I recognised the pattern. (I also made Maaike’s shawl before). Good to follow your progress on the #rusticlacesquare, I am doing it alongside you, aiming for about one a day, if I can. (you can see them on my recent post and on my instagram.) yours look very pretty!!! I also love the potholders a lot.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Ingrid xx

    • Hi Ingrid – thank you so much for your lovely comments, very much appreciated – as always! Aren’t these “rustic lace squares” addictive? I simply cannot get enough of this pattern – I hope you’re enjoying crocheting them as much as I do: happy hookin’! Marianne xx

  • Wow! That bridal shawl is just fab-u-lous and I can’t wait to see the red one. Like you I find the rustic squares fascinating – have made one but can’t quite decide whether to make them in varied colours or not. You are doing such a good job …… keep up the good work! x

    • Thank you very much! Oh, how fun: you have the “rustic lace square” bug as well – I cannot get enough of this beautiful pattern. Hope you’re enjoying crocheting yours as much as I do! Marianne xx

  • That bridal shawl is fabulous, she will LOVE it! Your ‘assistant’ looks like he’s not sure about his photo opportunity 🙂

  • How satisfying to tick off some WIPs – and beautiful they are too. The rustic lace squares are stunning, such wonderful colour combinations. Love the little photo bomber:)

    • Thank you, dearest Sheila – yes, very satisfying! I’ve had the urge to start (several …..) new projects, but this whole wip-thing is really helping me not to …. The little furry assistant is cute, isn’t she? Marianne xx

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