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Giveaway Hobbyhandig Special

Giveaway Hobbyhandig Special

Hello you lovely people! I hope you are doing well in these scary and bizarre times… I’m sure you are as anxious as I am, concerned for your loved ones. It’s hard to stop worrying thoughts from going overdrive, but as always I find much solace and relaxation when I’m crafting. So I have decided to focus on that as much as possible. I hope with all my heart that you’re able to do the very same thing!

Also, I think it is helpful to stay as positive, caring and loving as possible.
I really feel that sentiment within the online crafting community, and I’m very grateful for that. It’s comforting for sure!

In line with the above, I’ve decided to spread as much (crafty) sunshine as I can from my – quite literally – small corner of the world. I think you’ll want to keep an eye on my social media, just sayin’ ;-)!

First up is a chance for all my (Dutch*) readers/followers to win a soon to be published magazine on punch needle and embroidery. It will be released by “Hobbyhandig”, and amongst a whole lot of inspiration you’ll find an interview with yours truly, as well as two of my recent designs as shown in this blog post (patterns + tutorials)! On top of that, the magazine will give you a code for a 10% discount when you shop with Studio Koekoek: how cool is that!!

Teaming up with Hobbyhandig, we are giving away THREE of the “Hobbyhandig Special Punchen & Borduren” magazines, and this is how to enter: follow/like me (here and here) and Hobbyhandig (here and here) on facebook and Instagram, and fill in the form that you’ll find via this link:
That’s all! Winners will be announced March, 26th 2020 and the magazines will be send out to them mid April 2020!

* Since this particular giveaway is only open to Dutch people due to the magazine’s language, I’ll be back real soon with something fun & interesting for ALL of you!

Stay safe!
Marianne xx

edit: this giveaway is now closed; all three winners have been notified.
Thank you all for participating – more giveaways to some soon ?

4 thoughts on “Giveaway Hobbyhandig Special”

  • Wat een bizarre tijd is dit voor de wereld! We hebben geluk dat wij met onze hobbies de gedachten wat kunnen verzetten. Graag doe ik mee met deze een mooie give away want natuurlijk wil ik heel graag een kansje wagen om dit blad te winnen met jouw mooie ontwerpen! Ik hoop dat we hier allemaal goed doorheen komen en over een poosje elkaar weer kunnen zien. veel liefs Esther xx

    • Ik kon het niet méér met je eens zijn, lieve Esther! Veel sterkte en heel veel liefs voor jou en allen die je dierbaar zijn! Dikke kus, Marianne xx

  • Congratulations ! – well done you. 🙂
    I’m very pleased that all you superior crafting people continue on: there’s no reason to stop – in fact, every reason to increase your crafting activity !

    • Ah… thank you, dear Margaret, that is very sweet of you to say! And I could not agree more with you on the need to craft, now more than ever! Love, Marianne xx

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