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Granny Square “Abby” – pattern and tutorial

Granny Square “Abby”
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maRRose - CCC --- Les Tourettes Shawl-12Creating the trellis/middle part – chain 21, dc in 9th stitch from hook *chain 2, skip two chains, dc in next stitch**, repeat from * to ** until you’ve made the last dc in the last stitch of your founding chain. You’ve now made the beginning of your trellis-square, counting 5 holes. Chain 5, turn your work, 1dc in the top of the dc from the previous round, continue crocheting the trellis-pattern (ch 2, 1 dc), ending with a dc in the 3rd chain of the chain-5 from the previous round. When you’ve crocheted 5 rows and your trellis counts 5 x 5 holes, you fasten off; you’re now ready for the next stage, namely:
maRRose - CCC --- Granny Square Abby-136Round 2 (color 2) – crochet 4 sc’s into the last hole you’ve created (a corner hole), *3 sc’s into each next hole/space, 7 sc’s in corner area’s**, repeat * – ** until you’ve reached the last corner space: crochet 3 sc’s, slip stitch into 1st of the 4 sc’s that you started this round with, fasten off.

maRRose - CCC --- Granny Square Abby-130Round 3 (color 3) – 3 sc’s in same sc (= middle sc of 7 corner sc’s from the previous round), *sc in next 5 st, chain 5, skip next 5 stitches, sc in next 5, 3 sc’s in corner sc (= middle sc of 7 corner sc’s from the previous round)**, repeat * – **, end this round with 2 sc’s and slip stitch into 1st sc of 3sc-corner cluster; fasten off.

Round 4 (color 4) – chain 11 into middle sc of 3sc-corner cluster from previous round, skip 5 st, sc in next st, *chain 10, skip 5 st, sc in next st** , repeat * – ** all around, end with a slip stitch into 1st stitch of the beginning 11-chain. Do not cut off your yarn!

maRRose - CCC --- Granny Square Abby-131Round 5 (color 4) – into each 10-chain loop: sc 5, picot (= chain 3, sl st into 3rd chain from hook), sc 5; repeat 11 times, slip stitch in 1st sc, fasten off. On each side of your trellis square you’ll now see 3 picot/sc-loops; fasten off.

Round 6 (color 5, = joining color) – in any corner you chain 5 (= double treble/triple; you can also crochet a standing dtr) plus 10 chains (total of 15 chains). Slip stitch into picot, chain 10, sl st into picot two more times. Chain 10, 1 double treble into corner, chain 10, slip stitch into picot. Repeat all around, ending this round with a sl st into the 5th chain of your initial 15 chain start of this round (or on top of your standing dtr). There are 4 loops on each side of your square right now. Continue with same color onto:

maRRose - CCC --- Granny Square Abby-132Round 7 (color 5) – chain 3 (= 1st dc); into same stitch (= top of dtr from previous round): 1 dc-2 chains-2 dc’s, corner made. Crochet 7 dc’s in every loop/space, plus 1 dc into the slip stitch of the previous round (the one made into the picot, right between two loops), 2dc’s-2chains-2dc’s in each corner. Fasten off, sew in ends: your 1st “Abby” is finished!

maRRose - CCC --- Les Tourettes Shawl-14Joining your “Abby” squares
Crochet your 2nd “Abby” square, right up to round 7. Chain 3 (= 1st dc); into same stitch: 1 dc, 1 chain, slip stitch into the 2-chain space of the corner of your 1st “Abby” square (the one that you’re attaching this one to), chain 1, dc 2. *Crochet 4 dc’s into the next loop/space, slip stitch into the 4th dc of the 7dc-cluster of your first square, 3 dc’s (still into this loop). 1 dc into the slip stitch of the previous round, slip stitch into the same dc of your first square (the one between two loops)** Continue from * to **, until you’ve reached the next corner; attach this one like you did your first corner (into top of dtr from previous round: 2 dc, 1 ch, sl st into corner of the square you’re attaching to, 1 ch, 2 dc. Finish, following the “Round 7” instructions. Fasten off, sew in all ends.

maRRose - CCC --- Granny Square Abby-133Blocking “Abby”
Your squares will benefit tremendously from blocking. I crocheted mine with a 100% cotton and a 3,5 mm hook – my finished and blocked squares measure roughly 20 cm.
maRRose - CCC --- Granny Square Abby-134©maRRose – CCC/2015