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Granny Square Love

I’m sure this will not come as a surprise to you: I absolutely LOVE granny squares!
From the simple ones, to the more intricate patterns, not to speak of the endless possibilities these little squares offer us crocheters: BIG love!

This post’s 1st photo was taken by my dear friend Lisanne / DraadenPraat during one of the photo shoots for my book “Colorful Crochet” / “Eindeloos Haken”.
It’s actually “Granny Square Cardigan Marie” you see here, but we wanted to show how pretty the very same grannies would look even if they were crocheted “just” into a blanket.Granny squares are the best beginner project – and I’m speaking from personal experience – allowing you to create something pretty and useful with your crochet right away, how awesome is that?

These are a few of my first granny square projects, and they’re all made and used with love.
The one above ↑ is my “Boho Granny Blanket” (more info here), and the squares below ↓ are part of my “Rose Blanket” (more info here).
The blanket in grey ↓ is my “Homely Blanket”. As you can see it consists of many different squares, all designed by my lovely and talented friend Heike / Made with Loops. One of the reasons I loved being part of the “Homely Blanket Crochet Along” was because it taught me so many new (to me) stitches. And I was very happy with the end result as well! More info on this blanket can be found here.

Going through some older posts and photos I came to realize there are a couple of free granny square patterns on my blog, and I’ve made them easily accessible for you via this link :).

Given my crush on granny squares, it was inevitable for them to be part of the designs in my book, and I’m very happy with how each one of them turned out.
Below are a few of the projects that are based upon granny squares: the “Dolly Dotty Cushion”, “Sunshine Blanket Quinn”, and “Merry-Go-Round Granny Square Cushion”.

Knowing I’m not the only one hooked on these mostly colorful little squares only adds to the fun. Did you know there is an actual “Granny Square Day”?
Granny Square Day was created in 2014 by one of the “Granny Square Crochet Queens”, the lovely Susan, and takes place each year on August 15. This year we’re looking at the 4th edition already.

The idea is that as many people as possible share their granny squares on Instagram, simply by filling your Instagram screen with a close-up of a single granny square, all using the same hashtag (#grannysquareday2017 and #grannysquareday), thus creating a beautiful virtual blanket for everyone to enjoy. Sandra / MobiusGirl Design – aka @mobiusgirl – started a Facebook group for anyone interested in sharing their squares and generally talking up this year’s holiday.
She too got ultra-creative with some of past year’s granny square day’s images, as you can see for yourself (and shop!) right here; oh-la-la: her crochet hook bag looks marvellous!
Still smitten with my “granny square bag” ↓……..I do hope you’ll feel inspired to start crocheting granny squares, turning them into something beautiful. And of course we would all love you to join us for “Granny Square Day 2017” on August 15 – it will be great fun again!

Have a wonderful, creative day,

Marianne xx

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