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Home Decoration in Crochet

Home Decoration in Crochet

Gosh, I love crochet books! Especially when they’re as pretty, colorful, and happy as the one Tanya Eberhardt / “Little Things Blogged” just published!
I was one of the lucky ducks to receive an advanced copy of her book, AND was asked to be part of her fun book tour (details on the tour here). This made me all kinds of happy, to tell you the truth. You see, I’ve admired and been following Tanya ever since I stepped into the online crochet-world. If you browse her delightful and inspiring blog, I’m sure you cannot but agree with me that she’s a fantastic crocheter.

Going through her book – jam packed with 25 lovely designs – will only second that: she’s done a wonderful job. And so has ‘my’ publisher Tuva – very proud of them for delivering yet another beautiful and good-looking crochet book.

There is one project that I immediately and totally fell in love with: the “Mixed Stitch Blanket”! The minute I saw it, it moved right to the top of my (regrettably already very long) wishlist of crochet projects.

Another favorite (and must-make as far as I’m concerned) is the “Geometric Popcorn Cushion Cover”; you all know my love for geometry and texture in crochet, and this one definitely ticks those boxes!

Still wanting to crochet a project from Tanya’s book, but lacking the time to start the blanket, I opted for the large doily, that is part of the “Three Doily Set”.
Instead of the DMC Natura Just Cotton, as suggested in the book, I picked my colors from the DMC Medium-range, wanting to turn my doily into a round cushion.

What can I say? I adore how it turned out …

I’m gladly handing the “Home Decoration in Crochet”-baton to my sweet and very talented crochet colleague Sandra Paul; make sure to visit her blog (“The Cherry Heart”) tomorrow to see what her favorite project from Tanya’s book is.

Oh, and the official launch of Tanya’s book is November 15 (but you can already pre-order here). Also, she’s running a give-away to win a signed copy of her book (open worldwide – it closes on November 13, you can enter here).

Happy weekend – I’m off to yet another super-talented lady’s book launch at “Wolplein” today; more on that soon!

Marianne xx

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