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Hotel of Bees Shawl

Hotel of Bees Shawl

I’m happy to report that I’m doing fairly well in the “Focus, Marianne!”-department, and I’m slowly but surely ticking things off my “must catch up with list”.
This – long overdue – post falls in that category and is about my “Hotel of Bees Shawl”-journey…

I’m not sure about you, but every once in a while I see a project that almost literally takes my breath away.
For me Christina’s / A Spoon Full of Yarn “Hotel of Bees”-shawl was definitely one of those – don’t you agree with me that it is utterly-utterly gorgeous?

I immediately bought the pattern (here), and the project skyrocketed to the top of my (already very lengthy …) “crochet projects I want to make”-agenda.
Knowing I would not have the time to start right away (still caught up in finalizing stuff for my book at that time), I nonetheless went ahead and bought the yarn for it (beautiful “Fonty Soyeuse”, a mix of 70% wool and 30% silk) in a lovely shade of light blue (color number 112) and dark beige (color number 102).

Looking at the fabulous versions emerging on Instagram (#hotelofbeesshawl), and more importantly seeing and touching the super-fabulous HOB-shawl my talented friend Inez / GoedId Handwerk, I could not resist the urge to begin my HOB-shawl any longer.

As it turned out, this was a bad decision …  You see, the design is not a “let’s crochet in front of the tv”-kind of pattern: all concentration and attention is needed, and at that point in time apparently I lacked too much of both.
In fact, I ended up beginning twice … and still my stitch count was off – frustrated I undid my first 20-something rows crocheted during the last attempt, sadly thinking this was not a project for me, and that I would have to crochet something different with the exquisite Fonty.

However … I’m not the kind of person to give up easily … plus I soooo loved the shawl …
So, right before we left for our summer vacation, I decided to give this pattern one more try, and take it with me to ‘la douce France’.

“The rest is history” as they say. Being in total relax-mode, lounging near the pool, in “Le Petit Chauteau”s alluring surroundings clearly was key in making my “Hotel of Bees”-shawl.

This time things went well and smooth, and the shawl was finished in 2 days (of almost non-stop crocheting): I couldn’t have been (and still am) any happier!

Bétaille and “Le Petit Chateau” turned out to be the best setting for some pretty photographs as well, and I can assure you that very fond memories have been crocheted into my “Hotel of Bees”-shawl…

Any projects you’ve fallen in love with lately? Would you mind sharing them with us in the comments?
I did – all over again – very recently: will share that particular project here very soon…

Marianne xx

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