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Jade’s Mandala Project

Jade’s Mandala Project

One of the (many) things that are going on behind maRRose’s scenes, is the process of decluttering. As it turns out, I’ve crocheted a lot over the past couple of years, and I mean: a LOT!
Of course the plan is to list most of these projects in my webshop, which I will get to, e-ven-tu-al-ly, but when an initiative comes along that allows me to donate my crochet for a good cause – one that touches my heart: I’m in!

First a full box of shawls and scarfs went to refugees on the island of Samos during summer (more info – in Dutch – here), a wonderful intiative from Mieke, an 80-something former nurse (such a brave and inspiring woman), that led to “a colorful embrace for Samos”, thanks to sweet Annemarie / Studio Hip & Stip and the lovely Talulabelle-ladies.

Then a couple of weeks ago Sonya contacted me, asking whether I had one or two crochet mandalas to spare.
Sonya said: “I’m trying to promote a project for my sister. Jade is 32 and has sustained a severe brain injury. She has recently been in hospital for 8 months. The month of March was touch and go but she came through it still smiling.
Jade loves her sensory room and we’re putting together a big project to fill her sensory room ceiling with mandalas. I’m trying to see if people can help me either by spreading the word or by making one or two.”

I’m telling you, her request could not have come at a better time! Sonya and Jade touched my heart, AND I was just contemplating what on earth I would to with the 10+ mandalas I found all stacked up in my ‘crochet closet’…
You see: I truly love crocheting mandalas, but – other than turning the big ones into cushion covers – I never know what to do with them?
And now I DID! They’re on their way to Jade, and I so hope they’ll make her happy!

How about you? Do you have some mandalas hiding in your ‘crochet closet’ that would love to shine on Jade’s mandala-ceiling?
Or, maybe even crochet one or two? There are a TON of beautiful patterns available (as you can see here) – and there’s actually a FREE pattern on my blog (with a link to the chart) in English and Dutch!

Sonya has started an Instagram account and Facebook page for the “Jade’s Mandala Project”. With her permission, I’m sharing the address you can send your mandalas to:

“Jade’s Mandala Project”
1A Golf Drive
CV11 6LY
United Kingdom

How about we bombard Sonya and Jade with mandalas, and make this a huge success?

Marianne xx

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