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Join-As-You-Go – Rustic Lace Square

(Photo) Tutorial join-as-you-go “Rustic Lace Square”:

maRRose - CCC: Rustic Lace Square

—————Photo collage A—————

Photo collage A:
Joining your square to the next one starts in a (any) corner, right where the pattern asks you to chain 10 to make the big loop.
You chain 4 and slip your hook into the loop of the square you want to attach this one to; make a slip stitch (equals chain 5 of 10) and crochet the remaining 5 of the 10 chains. Continue with the pattern, crocheting 5 double crochets (UK: trebles); slip stitch into the 5th stitch (= 5th double crochet) of the square you’re attaching to, continue the remaining 5 dc’s.

maRRose - CCC: Rustic Lace Square

—————Photo collage B—————

Photo collage B:
Chain 3 and make a slip stitch into the first stitch of the “trellis” part of the square you’re attaching to, in this case the purple one – this is a double crochet stitch.
Crochet the first pole of the V (the V consisting of: 1dc, 2chains, 1dc) you need to crochet, in other words: crochet 1 dc, and then: 1 chain and slip stitch into the first V-space of the purple square; dc the last leg of your V: first V completed and attached!

maRRose - CCC: Rustic Lace Square

—————Photo collage C—————

Photo collage C:
Continue attaching the (yellow) trellis part to the purple trellis: crochet your 1 double crochet of your V, chain 1, slip stitch into (purple) V-space (this slip stitch equals the 2nd chain of the V-stitch as per the pattern), finish your V by crocheting the last double crochet.
After you’ve completed your last V-stitch, you’ll want to slip stitch one more time and do this in the last double crochet of the V-stitch from the trellis of the square you’re attaching your new square to – in this case – the purple square. Kind of like you did when you first started attaching the yellow trellis to the purple one, slip stitching into the very first double crochet of the purple square; at this point you’ll slip stitch in the very last double crochet.
When you’re done with your trellis, you should have 8 attaching slip stitches (see photo C 1 and/or image below).
maRRose - CCC: Rustic Lace Square

It was not until I was joining my 8th square that I was finally happy with the trellis part. At first I did not also slip stitch into the very first and very last double crochets of the V’s I was joining my square to. By creating 8 joints, the squares are finally attached to my liking, but of course that’s a personal preference.

Ok, now onto the very last part. As per the chart: chain 3, crochet 5 double crochets, slip stitch into the 5th double crochet of the purple square, 5 double crochets.
maRRose - CCC: Rustic Lace Square

You’ve come full circle now – making the big chain loop, ready to attach it to the next corner of the next square, in this case slip stitching in the off-white loop (after which I continued joining my yellow square to the bright blue one).
maRRose - CCC: Rustic Lace Square

It seems like we always need a lot of words to explain something rather simple – I sure hope this is clear enough for you to zoom-join your pretty rustic lace squares!

maRRose - CCC: Rustic Lace Square

7 thoughts on “Join-As-You-Go – Rustic Lace Square”

  • Hallo Marianne, ik vraag me af de inhoud vaag deze pagina matcht met de kop ‘join as you go van de granny lace square’. Ik kwam ook op deze pagina vanaf de haak – pagina die op de foto van de granny lace square te klikken. Ik zie nu en uitleg van een granny, maar geen join as hou go?
    Ik ben net aan mijn eerste granny lace square begonnen en kan je uitleg in de blokken aan elkaar te haken zeker gebruiken!

    • Ah….. Dorine, dAnkjewel voor het feit dat je me hierop attent maakte!! Mijn blog is een poosje geleden verhuisd naar een zgn “self-hosted”-omgeving en blijkbaar is daar niet álles helemaal goed gegaan! Heel fijn dat ik dankzij jouw tip e.e.a. heb kunnen fixen – als het goed is kun je nu aan de slag met de “jaygo” voor je Rustic Lace Squares! Mocht je nog vragen hebben, aarzel niet me even te mailen! Marianne xx

  • Hi, Marianne,

    I was reading over the Rustic Lace Square I got from Ingrid over on her “” blog and found the link she provided to your blog and I am so very glad that I followed that link! I have never done join-as-you-go projects because any of the directions I had seen were always so vague. I feel so ready to go ahead and try now because of your EXCELLENT photo tutorial and ever MORE EXCELLENT written explanations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


    • Ah, Lynda, thank you SO much for your more than lovely comment! I’m delighted my tutorial is of such great help – absolutely my pleasure!
      Isn’t this a beautiful pattern? I’m still in love with it….. might have to start another one….
      Happy crocheting, dear! Marianne xx

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