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Karin’s Cobblestone Blanket

Karin’s Cobblestone Blanket

There are many reasons why I love crochet, or any craft for that matter.
However, when I know the person I’m creating a project for, it always adds to the joy of making, as was the case with “Karin’s Cobblestone Blanket”.

Karin is one of my best, and dearest friends, and our friendship goes way back to our 3rd year in high school, when we became class mates. Since we both lived in the same little village, and had to bike 11 kilometers (one way…) to get to school, we spent a lot of time together during these years. After we both graduated from high school we moved to Amsterdam for college. We stopped being class mates, and became room mates instead, and truly enjoyed that.
As it turned out these years were the finest basis for a wonderful friendship – 43 years and counting! Its golden trim is our grown daughters being good friends now as well, how very special is that?

After my book came out, I had a list of people I wanted to crochet a project from “Colorful Crochet” / “Eindeloos Haken” for. When I asked Karin to pick a design & yarn from the book, she immediately knew what she wanted: a big throw that would cover the bottom part of her bed, in a color that would match her newly decorated bedroom.
She loved the “Cobblestone Blanket”-pattern, and browsing the internet, she found this variegated Stylecraft, that she thought would be the best choice color wise.
I ordered 1 skein, made some swatches, we tested the color(s) against the wall & her bed linen, and decided that, yes, this would look lovely.

Because the color was kind of ‘girly’, and the blanket was going to be big, there were two reasons why I decided to crochet with two stands of yarn at the same time. First, it would give the blanket a more robust style: a good counterweight for the ‘girly’ aspect, and second… I would be able to use a bigger hook, thus making a bit of a shortcut as to this gigantic crochet-journey.

I started the blanket right before our summer vacation in France last year, and was only able to work on it while in the airconditioned car on our way back and forth. It was way too hot to work on it alongside the pool…

Soon after we got home (and the broken arm episode) I finished Karin’s blanket, and I could not wait to gift it and view it in situ!

It was fantastic to see that Karin was very happy with the way her blanket turned out, and we both loved how it looked, all nicely arranged on her bed: just perfect!
I hope her “Cobblestone” – love crocheted into every single stitch – will keep her (feet ;-)) warm and cosy for many, many more years to come!

Marianne xx

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