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Lemvig Shawl

Lemvig Shawl

Every once in a while you come across a crochet project that gets you in a flow, makes you feel relaxed and zen while working on it.
This is exactly what happened to me while designing/crocheting my “Lemvig Shawl”, and I couldn’t be more pleased to share the pattern with you today!

It all begins with an idea… and testing…

The inspiration for the shawl came from an idea I had for my book, resulting in the little pieces of crochet you see above. Since Tuva and I decided there were more than enough projects for “Colorful Crochet”, this particular idea never made it to the book.
When I was clearing out some crochet bits&pieces right before last year’s summer vacation, I came across these samples, and “ding-dong”: inspiration hit again, and the “Lemvig Shawl” was born.

Beautiful Lemvig – Denmark
Very 1st one, in black & white

During our 2 week vacation in – you guessed that right 🙂 – beautiful Lemvig/Denmark I finished the first one, and on our way back home began to work on the second one, this time using gorgeous hand dyed yarn, gifted to me by my ever so talented friend Vanessa / “My Creative Garage”.

“Lemvig Shawl” 2

Really liking the meditative flow of the design, I continued with “Lemvigs” 3 and 4, taking notes by that time, planning to write up the pattern.
Loving the kinds of projects that do get you in a flow, it was extra fun to experience this with my own pattern, making this design just a little bit more special!

“Lemvig Shawl” 3…

To be honest with you: the stage when a pattern needs to be crocheted over and over again, just to make sure all mistakes and glitches are straightened out, is mostly not the funnest part. In general, at that point in time as a designer you’re ready to move on, try out something new.

… and “Lemvig Shawl” 4

But… with this one: I simply could not stop, haha! Long after the pattern was ready to go to my team of terrific testers, I found myself starting a new “Lemvig Shawl”, and another one…

“Lemvig Shawl” – number 5
I have to admit: sewing in all those colorful ends was a lot of work, but… so worth it, I think

You see, the pattern is ultra-versatile: you can play around with the different sections of stitches (as explained in the pattern), and even better: picking a different kind of yarn, and different colors each time around makes the outcome even more surprising. What’s not to like?
As a bonus, I’m showing you the extra option on how to add the little pops of color, crocheting solo-puff stitches over the chain-lines in the lace part of the shawl.

I’ve just finished number six (!) as we speak :-)! It’s a winter edition, crocheted with beautiful Borgo de Pazzi‘s “Rita”, a 90% merino superfine with 10% cashmere, in fabulous blues, and boy, is it fantastic to wear, especially now that we’re experiencing some very cold weather here in The Netherlands. I omitted the lace sections in this particular adaptation – again, the pattern is super versatile.

Most recent “Lemvig Shawl”, a winter version with Borgo de Pazzi‘s “Rita”

If you’re following me on Instagram, you have seen all six of my “Lemvig Shawls” pop up in my feed during the past months, and so it’s high time to finally release this pattern, that – to be honest with you – I’m so chuffed with!

Of course I’m hoping you’ll be at least as pleased with it, and won’t be able to stop crocheting “Lemvig Shawls” either 😉
The pattern comes as a 15-page downloadable PDF and guides you through the design with both text ánd charts.
I’m offering a 20% pattern-release-discount until Februari 1st- you can find the pattern in my web shop right here!

Happy crocheting!
Marianne xx

All six of them …

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  • Wat een prachtige sjaals Marianne! heel mooi ontwerp! deze komt op mijn to do lijstje want ik heb heel geschikt handgeverfd garen voor deze sjaal in huis. liefs esther xx

    • Ah… dankjewel, Esther, voor je mooie complimenten! Nu al heel benieuwd naar jouw versie! Liefs, Marianne xx

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