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Let’s Get Chunky

As I already told you in this blog post, a truly wonderful cooperation emerged from one of the fun crochet parties recently organized here in The Netherlands.

After the “Borgo de Pazzi”-party at “Trollenwol” the talented bloggers and instagrammers that attended immediately started crocheting, knitting, and even weaving with the beautiful Borgo-yarns. Bert Noorderijk, Borgo’s agent in The Netherlands, seeing the many projects we came up with on social media, suggested we all write down the patterns, and collect them in …… a magazine!
A very special magazine; you see, we – the 17 Borgo-babes, lol – have all donated our patterns, and in return Borgo de Pazzi is donating part of the proceeds of the magazine’s sales to a charity of our choice. Knowing how much we, the-not-so-elderly-yet, enjoy and benefit from crafting together, we quickly and unanimously picked the Dutch foundation for the elderly, Het Ouderenfonds (English: here), and more specifically the “Let’s Knit Together”/“Samen Breien”-groups, that help the elderly connect and be less lonely by getting them together in craft groups.
Since we all worked with rather robust and chunky yarns, it was not hard to – again: fast and unified – choose a name for the magazine: “Let’s get Chunky” seemed very apt right away.
There are times when you know and feel everything about a certain project is right, and this is definitely one of them! I love our awesome group of makers, our mutual passion, the fun times we had, the a-ma-zing projects that everyone came up with, the fact that so many of us invested a lot of extra time (think: coordinating/overseeing the whole project, translating patterns in English, styling and photographing the projects created, designing the layout and putting the magazine together, etc). Also, we proved everybody wrong saying women can’t work together: there was nothing but a marvelous sense of care, love, wanting to help one another, as well as humor in this group of 17 women.
I feel very, very proud to have been part of all this, and want to extend a big, warm, squishy “thank you” to my fellow “Let’s Get Chunky”-makers (whom you can all get to know better via the links under this post)!
I’m also proud of the project I made for the magazine, my “Al Paco”-blanket!
I have had my eyes on knitted mitered squares like ….. forever, and I so wanted to give them a try. To be honest, it was a bit of a challenge for me at times (I’m not a very experienced knitter), but I’m happy I persevered: the blanket turned out just the way I had envisioned and hoped. And if I can do this, anyone can!

Cat-approved ……;)
“Let’s Get Chunky” will be on the shelves at the beginning of April (through Borgo de Pazzi-retailers, check here for a store close to you). You can also order it online (shipping internationally, e.g. here). It has 37 (that’s correct: thirty-seven!!) crochet and knitting patterns, in a wide variety ranging from home-decor items to shawls/hats, all written in Dutch & English.

And guess what? All 17 contributors are running an extremely cool giveaway; we’re allowed to give away TWO magazines each: it pays to keep a close eye on everyone’s social media.
Today is my turn to give away TWO “Let’s get Chunky”-magazines!
So…. if you want a chance to win: leave a comment here, on my Facebook– and/or Instagram (sharing/reposting is always nice, but not necessary).
The give-away is open for all, I will ship your “Let’s Get Chunky”-magazine no matter where you live, that is: if you win. So, hurry up and get those comments going on all my social media channels ;)! The winners will be notified Thursday, March 30.
Good luck to all!

Marianne xx

Meet the Makers: Anique, Miriam, Lotte, Nandi, Lidy, Heleen, Joyce, Manon, Lisette, Doreen, Marlies, Katelijne, Kimberley, Caroline, Jacqueline, Frederika

edit: giveaway is closed – the winners have been notified

20 thoughts on “Let’s Get Chunky”

  • Het ziet er nu ook weer mooi uit Marianne, en …. gaat het breien net zo snel als je haken?

    • Dankjewel, Irene! Nou….. met deze mega-naalden 15 mm kom ik een eind in de richting ;)! Marianne xx

  • My darling Marianne, this is the most wonderful project and I am so proud of you…knitting!!! Yay ❤❤❤
    I can’t wait to see what everyone has come up with and if I don’t win a copy I will order one online.
    What an absolutely fabulous idea…you Dutch girls rock!!!
    Much much love and a big hello to the others I know when you see them next.
    Heike xxxx
    P.S. Mark and I are planning a trip to Amsterdam in late August beg. September. Hopefully we can all get together for an evening xx

    • Aw…. thank you so much, sweetheart! That truly means a lot, coming from the Queen of Knitting herself – you know how much I admire your work!
      Isn’t it a great project? I will see a lot of the girls during the weekend, when we’ll be attending a new&hip craft fair (Creative Life); they’ll love to hear from you!
      Oh my, that sounds won-der-ful! If you have time, I’m sure Lex would love to take Mark golfing, and we could go…… yarn-shopping maybe? But just catching up over dinner sounds perfect as well! Pls let us know when you have more details on your Amsterdam-trip! Much love, Marianne xx

    • So true ;)! Aw…. thank YOU for your lovely compliment, Sigrid! Enjoy your weekend! Marianne xx

  • I could not agree more with you on this: it’s all so true! Have a good weekend, Lindy! Marianne xx

  • Wauw wat ziet het er weer gaaf uit!! Zou hem heel graag winnen ???? En wat een goed doel hebben jullie uitgekozen, dikke pluim voor jullie allemaal.

    Lieve groet Evelyn

    • Evelyn, dat zijn een heleboel mooie complimenten bij elkaar – ben ik heel blij mee! Ik heb je aan de lijst toegevoegd! Fijne zondag, Marianne xx

  • Lieve marianne,
    Wat heb je ons project en avontuur geweldig beschreven, ik denk dat jij verwoord wat wij allemaal voelen en beleven, heel mooi. Ik ben ook zo blij en trots om hier deel van uit te mogen maken.

    Liefs Lidy

    • Dankjewel, lieve Lidy – het komt recht uit m’n hart en ik ben denk ik net zo blij en trots als jij! Veel liefs, Mar xx

  • I will ask my husband to find a copy when he is over next as the shipping is very expensive – but I have to have it! What a lovely collaboration!

    • It sure ís a lovely collaboration, Sheila – I so liked being part of this! It’s just too bad shipping is this expensive, grrrr. Let me know whether you need help getting the magazine, ok? Love, Marianne xx

  • Hello,

    I would like to know if it is possible to purchase the Let’s Get Chunky magazine and have it shipped to the United States. I love the projects in it and would greatly appreciate the help.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Trish,
      That’s absolutely wonderful to hear! I’ve emailed CR Couture asking them whether they can ship the magazine to you. I’ll get back to you as soon as I’ve heard from them. Love, Marianne xx

      This is their website:

      • Thank you so much for checking! I did try to purchase on CR Couture but the US wasn’t included in their choices for shipping. I’ll be looking for for any further news.

        • Trish – if you can send me an email ( I’ll see if I can help, ok? Marianne xx

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