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“Little Lenny Cushions”

“Little Lenny Cushions”

Just looking at my work, I’m pretty sure you already know how much I love making cushions…

For starters, they’re relatively speedy projects (unlike blankets, that – by the way – I love making too, haha), plus they can change the look of a room really fast, another love of mine: interior design/decorating. So… win-win, right?

After my book “Colorful Crochet” was published, I played around with one of the motifs – “Granny Square Lenize” (that I made cushion roll “Lenize” with ↓), and the “Little Lenny”-square was born. I have shown the first “Little Lenny Cushions” I made here before, but in case you’ve missed them, this is the blog post, and these ↓↓ are the cushions.

In that very same blog post I’m sharing the free “Little Lenny”-pattern, that you can find in Dutch here, and in English here.

Still inspired by, and looooving the colors of the fabric we used as backdrop during my book release parties, I randomly started crocheting more of these cute “Little Lenny”-squares, now in white, soft and bright pinks, bright and dark green – a different color for rounds 1, 2 and 3, plus a new round 4 in soft pink.

Soon enough there were enough squares for 2 (!) cushion covers: a relatively small one – 40 cm x 40 cm – using 16 squares, and a bigger one – 50 cm x 50 cm – consisting of 25 squares.
For both cushions I crocheted the squares together, using the flat zipper join (quick Blitsy-tutorial here). The small cushion got a tassel (youtube-video on that here) on each corner, and the big one was finished off with a surface slip stitch as a border (explained here). The back of both cushions have the lovely fabric that served as their inspiration to begin with, both envelope-style (handy tutorial here).

I’ve just added both of them to my Etsy-shop (here, and here); I think they’re a great couple – “twinning is winning” ;-), but they are really pretty “stand alone” as well…
As always, they’re made with – much! – love, and as always I find it hard to part with them, but Marie Kondo hasn’t left the building yet, haha, so I’m hoping for a loving new home for my “Little Lenny”-square cushions.

Are you a fond cushion maker as I am, or do you like to crochet/knit/craft different kind of projects?

Wishing you a fantastic weekend, filled with lots of happy-creating time!

Marianne xx

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