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“Liula Shawl”

“Liula Shawl”

In my “Hotel of Bees Shawl”-post I already hinted to another pattern that I had fallen in love with the minute I saw it…
It is this one,  the “Liula Shawl”, designed by Emma / Potter & Bloom – isn’t it utterly gorgeous?

Not even knowing when I would find the time (oh my, that constant lack of time), nor what yarn to use, I went ahead and bought the pattern (here).
Both problems were solved over my end-of-year-break. Firstly the lovely people of Lang Yarns sent me one of their wondrous boxes filled with some of their newest yarns, and there it was:
the perfect yarn for my “Liula”: “Puno”.

The “Puno” comes in 7 beautiful colorways, and since it is a mix of (55%) extra fine merino, (30%) baby alpaca and (15%) silk it’s super soft and light, plus has a glorious drape.

I adored my blue Puno (color 978.0088), and the combination with the Liula pattern was as delightful as I had hoped.
In fact, working on the shawl was such a joy, I hardly have any proper progress shots. I simply zoomed through the pattern and the Puno-cake, and my shawl was finished and ready to wear before I knew it.
My (blocked) “Liula” measures 40 cm x 108 cm (approx 15 inches x 42 inches).

More “Liula” inspiration can be found here – I just know I’ll be crocheting another “Liula”, all I need is a little bit more time…

Marianne xx

PS: I love it when the sun comes in and plays with the pattern of my crochet … (it also plays with its colors, but that’s ok)

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