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Mahoosive Wool

Mahoosive Wool

You might remember this blog post, when I reviewed Sarah‘s cool crochet book “Supersize Crochet”, and the shoulder bag I made from it. As the title of Sarah’s book very clearly indicates, all of the projects in this book require chunky yarn. It was around that time, I think, that the queen of chunky yarn, the lovely Andrea of “Woolly Mahoosive”, graciously sent me some of the giant balls of yarn that she and her company are known for, a 40 mm (!) hook included. I was in awe! Not just because the giantness of the wool is SO impressive, but the yarn itself is beautiful, soft and very nice, plus I loved the colors Andrea gave me to work with.

Catching up on stuff, summer itself and a broken arm got in the way of diving right in, but I made up for all that last Monday morning: an excellent start of my week, I can assure you. My plan for this yarn early on was to make a cat-bed for Quinn’s cat Ziggy, and I had found this pretty fabric to make the cushion that I wanted to go in the crochet bed a few weeks before (here) – isn’t it just the cutest? And – maybe the best of all – this project was finished in 1,5 hrs – start to finish! Not bad either for a change, right? I took notes as I went along, so I could share the “Ziggy Pet Bed”-pattern here with you right away!

“Ziggy Pet Bed” (US terms used)

Things you’ll need:
1 Giant Ball of Mammoth Acrylic, color: “Dove Grey” (more info: here)
40 mm crochet hook (info: here)
Some fabric (about 0,5 m) to make an insert/cushion (mine has a 43 cm diameter)
Fiber fill to stuff the insert/cushion with

Round 1: in a magic ring, crochet 6 single crochet stitches (6 sc);

Round 2: 2 single crochet stitches in every sc made in the previous round (12 sc);

Round 3: 2 single crochet stitches in every sc made in the previous round (24 sc);

Round 4: * 1 sc in the next sc, 2 sc in the next sc **; repeat all around (36 sc);

Round 5: in the back loops only of the sc made in the previous round: 1 sc in every sc made in round 4 (36 sc);

Round 6: 1 sc in every sc made in the previous round (36 sc);

Round 7: 1 slip stitch in every sc made in the previous round; fasten off, sew in your ends.

Cut two identical circles, the size of which will fit into your pet bed (do not forget a seam allowance); with right sides facing, sew the two pieces together, leaving a 10 cm opening so you can fill the cushion with fiber fill. Close the opening with little (hand) stitches, add your (leather) label (I love mine by “Mez11”), and you’re all done!

As you can see, Ziggy quite liked her new bed!

Love, Marianne xx

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    • Ah, thank you, Sandra! It was such a fun (and quick) project; I do think Quinn loves it more than Ziggy, haha, but that’s ok too 😉

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