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Marguerite Blanket

Marguerite Blanket

This is one of the designs I fell in love with the moment I first saw it on social media, and right after super-crochet-talent Sandra published the pattern it was in my Etsy-basket.

Another thing I had no qualms about was the kind of yarn I was going to use for this blanket, namely beautiful Durable Double Four. A matte 100% cotton, that comes in a great variety of colors, to be crocheted with a not-too-wimpy hook, a 5 mm / US H8 / UK 6.

In Sandra‘s pattern it’s suggested you join all motifs and half motifs “as you go”, and then fill in the gaps by sewing or crocheting the ‘fillers’ into their respective spots. To help you with picking and placing colors, Sandra added a coloring sheet, but… being my little pigheaded self, I decided to do all joining after I had crocheted all of my motifs. Not only am I a bit stubborn, I’m also a visually inclined person and I did not want (nor was able) to decide what color would go where beforehand.

As a benefit it meant the project was very portable, and I was able to usually crochet 2 circles in a single evening, only needing 2 colors per sitting. You see, I crocheted 2 circles using the same 2 colors, but in circle 1 color A would be the main color, and in circle 2 color B would take center stage.

Slowly filling in all the gaps with triangles…

In the end it turned out TWO things did not go according to Sandra’s instructions: the ‘join-as-you-go’ that I just mentioned, plus I inadvertently mixed up the lay-out of the circles and half circles…

I’m such a fan of blocking – the before and after always amazes me!

This meant I needed different ‘filler’-motifs too… oops! Luckily it was fairly easy to work these out, and my changes to the original pattern did not alter the overall look of the blanket (phew!): I so love how it turned out!

I’ve gathered some info and links on the “Marguerite Blanket”-pattern for you:
The motif for the big circle is a free pattern on Sandra’s blog, that you can find here, and the pattern for the full blanket is a paid pattern via either Ravelry, or Etsy. Sandra decided to run a “Crochet-A-Long” (introduction here) with the “Marguerite Blanket”, and provided some excellent footage to help you through parts of the pattern (1st two videos in this blog post, next ones here, and here). Reading through Sandra’s excellent FAQ is good advice, plus there is a lively “Marguerite Blanket”-Facebook group, filled with lovely people always willing to assist.

The specifics for my “Marguerite Blanket” are:
Yarn: Durable Double Four (in a wide variaty of colors);
Hook: 5 mm / US H8 / UK 6;
Size: 125 cm / 160 cm (50 inches / 64 inches);
It has: 18 full circles, 4 haf circles, 24 triangles, 7 half triangles, 9 full (and 1 half) wide triangles along the border (lengthwise);
Weight: ± 2 kg / ± 4lbs6oz

Last but not least: I’m in the process of de-stashing, and I’m planning on selling most of my crochet blankets, cushions, shawls, etc. in the near future…
So… this beauty is FOR SALE!
Please send me an email ( or dm via IG/FB if you’re interested.

Marianne xx

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