maRRose Giveaway

maRRose - CCC, heart garlandThis giveaway (my very first, I’m excited) is meant as a sincere “thank you” to  ALL of you, here, on Instagram, Facebook and Etsy for your continuous support, friendship, encouragement and inspiration!
There are three prizes to win and all three have been made by me – with love – and here they are, the heart garland:

maRRose - CCC, heart garlandmaRRose - CCC, heart garland maRRose - CCC, heart garland maRRose - CCC, heart garland maRRose - CCC, heart garland

3-heart wall hanger:
maRRose - CCC, 3 hearts wall hanger        maRRose - CCC, 3 hearts wall hanger           maRRose - CCC, 3 hearts wall hanger           maRRose - CCC, 3 hearts wall hanger

And last but not least, this lavender filled heart-shaped sachet:
maRRose - CCC, lavender heart maRRose - CCC, lavender heart maRRose - CCC, lavender heartMultiple entries per person are possible: every like, comment, repost, follow and/or share on Instagram (please use #maRRoseGiveaway on IG) , Facebook, Etsy and here on the blog is an entry, as long as I can track that you’ve done so.

maRRose - CCC, yarn bowl with hearts

I will ship anywhere in the world; the giveaway closes Sunday February 2nd, 2014, 22:00 hrs (GMT+1); the three winners will be picked by a random number generator and will be announced on Instagram, Facebook and here on the blog.

Good luck to all of you!


PS: the colorful little hearts were made using this (paid) pattern and for the lavender heart I used this (free) pattern (Dutch version); the English version of this heart pattern can be found here. I made the lavender appliqué up as I went, no pattern – sorry

12 thoughts on “maRRose Giveaway

  1. Your instagram feed and all your creativity is lovely. If I am private will the hashtag show up still for you to see?

    Thank you for your time my friend

  2. Love love love these especially the bright colours such gorgeous crocheting as well…just became one of your new fan followers….thanks for the giveaway….sheree

  3. i would love to win one of these! i found you on instagram. it was your yarn end bowl that made me go WOW! i’d never seen anything like that. i plan on making one with my yarn ends from my crochet mood blanket 🙂

    • Hi Alycia,
      Thanks for your sweet comment; the yarn bowl is pretty awesome, isn’t is? I’m still in love with this fun project myself – please do share a picture of your yarn ends creation, I would love to see it! xx, Marianne

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