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“maRRose” in the picture

maRRose - CCC --- Koffie-Wol pincushion-02We all know YouTube is the place to go when we want a certain pattern or stitch explained. In fact I know for many crocheters YouTube was the place where they actually learned how to crochet!
maRRose - CCC --- Wolplein Inspiratie Centrum-01

Last year the people of Wolplein launched a weekly yarn inspired talk show – “Koffie & Wol” (“Coffee & Wool”) – on YouTube and I was hooked right from the start.
The show is hosted by lovely and very talented Petra, Lotte and Saskia – the latter well known for the three (!) crochet books she wrote with Claire – and is very informative.
maRRose - CCC --- Wolplein Inspiratie Centrum-02Every week Saskia tells us how to crochet a pattern she specifically designed for the show (the pattern of which then can be found on the Wolplein Blog), Petra teaches Saskia how to knit, and Lotte takes the show on the road, interviewing crocheters, visiting yarn fests etc.maRRose - CCC --- Wolplein Inspiratie Centrum-03

In fact, I first saw the “Tulip Blanket” on the “Koffie & Wol”-show – and you might remember how I could not wait to get started with this gorgeous pattern (more here and here).

And guess what?
I was asked to come to the “Koffie & Wol”-studio a couple of weeks ago to have an all-about-crochet-chat with Saskia!!
Gosh, an honor, really and so, SO much fun to do!
It was not until after the show that I got nervous about going to be so “visible”, but to be honest: I’m pretty pleased with how the interview turned out: big thanks to Saskia and the wonderful and professional Wolplein/Koffie & Wol-people.
maRRose - CCC --- Wolplein Inspiratie Centrum-04

The interview is in Dutch and I doubt that google translate will help us out here, but you still might want to get a glimpse of my crochet and me on film ;), so here’s the link.

Marianne xx

PS: as a little gift I made a “Koffie & Wol”-pincushion ……
maRRose - CCC --- Koffie-Wol pincushion-03

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4 thoughts on ““maRRose” in the picture”

  • Heel gaaf was het om te zien en horen wat je allemaal maakt! Vooral het speldenkussentje in vorm/logo van Koffie en Wol was toppie! Fijne dag,..


  • Wat tof dat jij voor Koffie en Wol was uitgenodigd. Zo leuk om je daar te zien en te horen. Als ik jouw berichtjes nu lees, weet ik wie de dame achter het berichtje is.

    Grappig speldenkussen heb je bedacht en gemaakt.

    Groetjes, Margaret

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