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maRRose Punch Needle Workshops

maRRose Punch Needle Workshops

Saturday’s two “Punch like a Pro”-workshops at “Echtstudio” were a great success!

I truly liked teaching the lovely, creative and dedicated people who came to learn this new-to-them technique. Sharing things that you are passionate about is one of the best things in life, don’t you agree?
It was really such fun to see how everyone quickly mastered the craft, putting their own signature on the projects by choosing their favorite colors to work with, or even immediately punch away using their own drawings&designs: I loved seeing everyone’s one-of-a-kind projects!

Kimberley / Craftlikekim joined us for the afternoon session, and already wrote a lovely blog post about the punch needle workshop, and under #punchenalseenpro you can have a peek at a couple of the other attendents’ pretty projects (most of them were too busy punching to be taking photos though)! Oh, and in case you’re looking for some more punch needle information: simply check out my previous blog post about punching.

If you’ve missed these first punching workshops, there’s no need to fret, because I’ll be teaching “Punch like a Pro” a few more times: yay!

These are the ones coming up soonest – I’ll keep you updated via the blog on more workshops; simply click the links to go to the shops/locations, and where you can sign up:

1. “Woll of Fame” – Maasbracht
Saturday, Februari 24, 2018 – two workshops:
* 10:30 – 13:00
* 14:00 – 16:30
more info and how to sign up: here

2. Homemade4U – Driebruggen
Saturday, March 17, 2018
* 10:00 – 12:30
more info and how to sign up: here

3. “Stoffen en Stiksels” – Hoogerheide
Saturday, April 14, 2018
* 9:30 – 12:00 – more info and how to sign up: here
* 13:00 – 15:30 – more info and how to sign up: here

I’d love to see you on one of these occasions, and teach you how to “Punch like a Pro” as well!

If you can’t make these dates/locations, you can also check out the workshops that will be held in the maRRose Studio in Amstelveen (here).

Marianne xx

PS: coming Sunday (February 18, 2018) I’ll be demonstrating punch needling during the “Handwerkbeurs” in Zwolle – you’ll find me (and Lidy / Lidy Nooij at the CraftKitchen booth (number 111)

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6 thoughts on “maRRose Punch Needle Workshops”

  • Ha Marianne,
    Het lukt dus inderdaad toch ook gewoon op denim zoals jij al dacht. Het ziet er super uit!
    Ik wilde je nog even laten weten dat ik het een gezellige leerzame workshop vond en het was fijn om je te ontmoeten. Dank voor al je inspiratie!
    Fijne dag! Barbara

    • Hi Barbara,
      Jaaa! Gaat echt als een tierelier, zo leuk –> hierdoor kun je denk ik ook mooi applicaties maken naar je eigen ontwerp!
      Ah … wat fijn om te horen, dánkjewel! Ik heb zelf ook zó genoten!
      Dat genoegen is geheel wederzijds: erg leuk om jou te ontmoeten en jij natuurlijk veel dank voor het feit dat je er was! Liefs, Marianne xx

  • I just bought a punch needle and am so excited to get started. I want to put something on a pair of jeans. My problem is I can’t figure out how I could wash them because I believe the thread will just pull out in the wash. I can’t figure out how to make them “stay”.

    • Hi Angie! Oh, how fun! You’ll love it! I’ve just made a – rather large – application, punch needling on a jeans jacket. The only way I could make that work is by using the small needle and thin thread, but it turned out so cool! Since I figured I would want/need to wash the jacket, I tested securing and washing a test piece of punch needle on jeans. I used Gütermann fabric glue on one side (the ‘wrong’ side), and put it in the washer. It came out perfect! The glued fabric is stiff, and you actually see the – shiny – glue, but since it’s on the back of your work, that should not be a problem. I’ll blog about my process soon – so keep a close eye to upcoming blog posts. Wishing you lots of punch needle fun! Marianne xx

      • Awesome and thank you so much. If you have pictures I would love to see. Are you on Instagram that I could follow you? Thanks again.

        • My pleasure! I just found out the project will be published on on Thursday – shortly after that I’ll have the tutorial on my own blog in English too. I’m @marretjeroos on Instagram. Marianne xx

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