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“Jenny’s Flower Granny Square” pattern

“Jenny’s Flower Granny Square” pattern

If you’ve accidentally (or better yet: purposefully, haha) clicked on “shop” in the header of my website/blog, you must have noticed you did not go to “maRRose Colorful Crochet & Crafts” on Etsy, but stayed here on…
I can totally understand why you would think “yes, so what?”, but to me this is kind of a big deal, and I cannot help but feel all festive & happy about it! As I told you in my previous post: much time, effort ánd love have gone into my new website and now new webshop, and it’s simply fantastic to finally see it go “live”!
Assuming you remember the “elephant & teaspoon”-story, you’ll apprehend that new items (and new patterns: I’m on a roll, I’m tellin’you) will be added to the shop in the coming month or so, one or two per week (my Etsy shop will be closed soon).

With this new web shop, I’m also releasing my first ever paid pattern, and – you’re guessing correctly: that’s another kind of a big deal for me, haha!
The pattern involved is “Jenny’s Flower & Jenny’s Granny Square”, available in English and Dutch, and I hope you’ll love (crocheting) it, as much as I loved designing it.

Like I said, I’m on a bit of a roll… you see, I designed the flower back in April, 2017, and – given the lovely response from you sweet people – always planned on writing down the pattern/making the crochet chart for it. When I eventually did, I started playing around and came up with the flower-granny square as well; 25 cute flower-squares where quickly transformed into a lovely cushion. The pattern will give you everything you need to make the flower, the granny square, as well as joining instructions to create a cushion (or blanket). It includes clear, extensive written text, plus charts for both the flower, and the granny square.

To celebrate both occasions I’m giving you a 20% discount on the pattern through Sunday November 11, 2018, so grab your copy/pdf for less than you’d pay for a Caffe Latte at Starbucks ;-), and start making your own “Jenny’s Flower”-garland, or “Jenny’s Flower Granny Square”-cushion/blanket.
All you need to do is enter “marrose20” at the check-out, where it says “coupon/add your code” right at the top, and you’re good to go!

Happy crocheting!

Marianne xx

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