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More “Eindeloos Haken” partying…..

How lucky can you be, celebrating the release of your book twice?
After the official book launch at “Echtstudio” on May 27th, there was a semi-official one on June 17th, at my favorite yarn store in the more southern part of The Netherlands: “Inspiratiecentrum Wolplein”. If you ever have a chance to go there, please do : it’s – as their name suggests – such an inspirational place!The Thursday prior to the event, I packed up all projects that can be found in “Colorful Crochet” / “Eindeloos Haken”, and drove to Zaltbommel to prepare for the party.
“Wolplein” made a fun time-lapse of Lotte and me decorating the Wolplein Studio :-).
The day of the book party was such a fun day again!
Once more I felt very grateful being surrounded by so many of my crochet friends, who took the time to come and celebrate with me, offering help during the DMC-yarn tasting-workshops, ah…. I love my crochet tribe: they’re the very best!
Lovely people traveling from near and far, wanting to have their copy of my book signed, bringing sweet presents…. very touching! And they all seem to know me extremely well – their gifts were spot on and left me feeling very spoiled (lots of chocolate, mmm).
I love this cut-out gifted to me by Shirley (also, it’s so true, don’t you agree?).

One of the gifts nearly got me in (happy) tears: it is the mini-Marianne that super-sweet Esther made! Isn’t she absolutely fabulous? And meticulously made as well? Just the thought that someone I “only” met through social media (and up to that day never in real life) would take the time and effort to create something this special and precious: simply amazing, don’t you think?
Mini-me has a place of honor on my desk, and is now supervising all creative things being done there!
I’m still very busy during the aftermath of my book jumping into the real world; pleasant stuff, like keeping an eye on the fantastic “Colorful Crochet” / “Eindeloos Haken” blog tour that’s still going on, and ….. being interviewed, whaa!
“Colorful Crochet” was reviewed in issue 90 of “Inside Crochet” (and they loved it, so pleased about that), plus one of the projects from the book (“Puff Scarf Wendi”) was published in this edition: yay!

Another project from “Colorful Crochet” (the “Geometric Triangle Blanket”), and a rather extensive interview with me is in the latest “Crochet Now”, issue 16: very exciting.

Gladly I’m also slowly getting back into crocheting, and it feels great!
I’m currently working on another “Hexagon Shawl Ursula” in a very soft pink ↑, and I have just finished a cushion using the “Granny Square Lenize” ↓ – both projects from “Colorful Crochet” / “Eindeloos Haken”.
A third “Colorful Crochet” project that’s on my hook right now, is the motif used in “Floral Lace Throw Heleen” ↓, but this time crocheted with a 3,5 mm hook and the DMC Natura Just Cotton – I think this will become a scarf, or a small shawl.

Agnieszka had the very same idea (great minds think alike, haha); she used this motif and her own gorgeous hand dyed yarn, and I love the look of her scarf.
Seeing so many twists on my designs from all the bloggers participating in the blog tour – and loving them – made me want to crochet my own patterns again, and I’m really enjoying the ride. No more checking, double-checking, but just some relaxing crochet: bliss! After all, as I was so pointedly reminded by someone over on Instagram: my love for crochet is the core of all that has happened so far.

Apart from getting my crochet on again, I’m doing one more “Eindeloos Haken”-celebration before my summer break: I’ll be visiting “Rits-In” in Zwolle tomorrow, bringing all projects, doing small workshops, signing books, and hopefully meeting lots of lovely co-crocheters – I’m really looking forward to it! Maybe I’ll see you there?

Marianne xx

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6 thoughts on “More “Eindeloos Haken” partying…..”

  • Wat een mooie blogpost Marianne ????
    Ik vond de tekst echt bij je passen, zoals ik je “ken” en omdat je ook altijd in het Engels blogt.
    Ik vond het ontzettend leuk om bij je boeklancering bij Wolplein te zijn en hoop je in de toekomst nog regelmatig tegen te komen.

    Liefs, Shirley :))

  • Wat een leuk blogbericht ! En oh wauw jouw mini-you van Esther is zo leuk…de foto waarop mini-you ligt is té gek! Ben blij met mijn gewonnen boek bij Liza! Wat een fijn cadeau om te mogen ontvangen. Liefs, Linda – hipenhandgemaaktbylin

  • Mini-me is such a lovely gift, amazing crocheted.
    As i say it, loving the blogtour, and reading all about this great book
    and see what been made from it.

  • wat een geweldige tijd is dit voor je ! het boek is een groot succes en op social media zie ik zoveel prachtige projecten voorbij komen uit het boek. Zelf ben ik natuurlijk superblij met het boho gilet ! mijn volgende project wordt de poef, maar dat wordt na mijn vakantie. ik ben natuurlijk heel trots dat je de mini marianne zo mooi vind en er zijn zoveel leuke reacties op gekomen. echt superleuk! ik zag ook dat je haar vandaag mee had genomen naar Zwolle; zo leuk!! fijn weekend nog en lieve groetjes Esther xx

  • Ik kom net terug van vakantie en je prachtige boek ligt op de deurmat, gewonnen via het blog Jip by Jan, wauw! Hartelijk dank, dat wordt vanavond op de bank lekker bladeren met een hoofd vol ideeen!

    • Ah, superleuk, Jos! Fijn dat je er blij mee bent – ik hoop dat je er met veel plezier uit zult haken! Marianne xx

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