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maRRose - CCC: my creative year 2014

First and foremost I’d like to wish you all a wonderful 2015, filled with love, friendship, good health, fun, laughter and of course ….. lots of creativity!

Although the new year is already well on its way, I could not resist looking back on my creative journey during 2014 and share it with you here.I knew I was a busy bee last year, but quite honestly I’m surprised myself to see the many projects I managed to start and most of them to even get finished.

You might want to grab a cup of tea of coffee (or glass of wine?) before you continue reading this post – it’s going to be a lengthy one ….

*** January ***

maRRose - CCC: photo collage January 2014My most popular January project was the yarn ends bowl! Not only did I enjoy making this tremendously – it’s one of the most clicked on tutorials on my blog, bringing joy to a lot of people. I so like that …..
maRRose-CCC, yarn ends bowl
*** February ***
maRRose - CCC: photo collage February 2014This was not the month of a whole lot of finished projects …. And what’s more, one of them shown here is still not finished – my Crochet Mood Blanket. I’m determined to pick this one up very soon though and make it an ex-wip fast!
I guess my most loved make of this month is the thread rack: I’m still enjoying it on a daily basis!
maRRose - Colorful Crochet & Crafts, thread rack
*** March ***
maRRose - CCC: photo collage March 2014Unlike February, March was the month of getting things done, not just some small things like the little key chain owl, but with a big sigh of relief I finally completed the pixelated cushion, as well as my hexagon blanket. At this point in time I was also still up to date with my Crochet Mood Blanket ….
The pixelated cushion wins the popularity poll this month.
maRRose - CCC - pixelated cushion
*** April ***
maRRose - CCC: photo collage April 2014No matter how much I loved making Shelley’s glorious pincushion, finishing the sunburst granny square cushion (using the continuous-join-as-you-go method for the very first, but definitely not the last time), crocheting the gazillion flowers for the flowery tea cosy was most certainly the thing I most loved doing in April!
maRRose - CCC: flowery tea cosy maRRose - CCC: flowery tea cosy
*** May ***
maRRose - CCC: photo collage May 2014May was the month that marked the beginning of my infatuation with the South Bay Shawl. That very month I managed to crochet three of them (in total I made 8 this year …..). The one with the pink pom poms is most certainly my favorite ……
maRRose - CCC: South Bay Shawls
** June ***
maRRose - CCC: photo collage June 2014In June I finished three more shawls, and I gave them all a contrasting border in black – adding pink pom poms to one of them. The first two were South Bay Shawls, the third one a Florence. During this month I continued to make squares for my Crochet Mood Blanket, made more squares for a new project – the Bétaille Blanket – and almost, almost finally wrapped-up my Homely Blanket.
maRRose - CCC: "Florence" Shawl
*** July ***
maRRose - CCC: the month of July (2014)Being on vacation most of the time, July was not an overly productive month. To keep me busy during the long drive to and from the place we were vacationing, I started a rectangular South Bay Shawl. Loved the “Alize”-yarn used in this shawl.
maRRose - CCC: Rectangular South Bay Shawl
*** August ***
maRRose - CCC: monthly collage, August 2014As the banner in this August collage says: this was a very happy month! Not just because of the fun bracelet tutorial and giveaway, BUT: I finished my Homely Blanket! Such a very happy feeling indeed!maRRose - CCC: The Homely Blanket
*** September ***
maRRose - CCC: monthly collage, September 2014
September brought more happiness ….. lots of things got finished. Firstly the Chevron Blanket for my sweet daughter, then the “I love Holland”-cushion for our Dutch/Canadian niece, plus three more shawls. Last but not least I played with my yarn ends again!
maRRose - CCC: "I love Holland"-cushion
*** October ***
maRRose - CCC: monthly collage, October 2014This month was all about blankets – again. I completed my Boho Granny Blanket, as well as the Chevron Baby Blanket and published my very first granny square design (tutorial here).
maRRose - CCC: Boho Granny Blanket
*** November ***
maRRose - CCC: monthly collage, November 2014
Another busy month, and exciting too: I finally followed a sock knitting workshop and started my first pair of socks – ever! Something I had longed for and both dreaded for a long time. I also got to review my dear blogging and ig-friend Shelley’s first crochet book, crocheted my second Astrid doll – Emília – and came up with a fun little design: the crochet gifts/presents (tutorial here).
maRRose - CCC: crocheted presents/gifts
*** December ***

maRRose - CCC: monthly collage, December 2014
After a late start, I managed to hand make the bigger part of my Christmas presents and truly enjoyed that. One of my 2015 resolutions is to plan and start real early on Xmas gifts ……Favorite make however are my socks – I was, and still am, so ridiculously proud of this first pair! Fun too, was following my own tutorial and making a triangle pincushion for a dear friend in Australia.maRRose - CCC: knitting socksPhew …… are you still there? Quite the expedition, wasn’t it?
One of the things that has made this creative journey so much more enjoyable for me, was YOU being here and traveling with me.
Always encouraging and inspiring me, writing lovely and sweet comments: thank you so very much for that!
Here’s to a brand new creative year!

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16 thoughts on “My Creative 2014”

  • I love that you haven’t finished your mood blanket either! I eventually decided to make it into a Mood footstool cover, and then eventually it just went into the cupboard, ignored.

    You’ve had an AMAZING creative and colourful year Marianne, I can’t believe how many blankets and shawls you’ve made, seriously!

    I can’t wait for 2015’s projects. XX

    • Thanks so much, dear Nerissa! It was fun putting this post together and actually get a sense of – indeed – the ridiculous amount of stuff I made this past year …. Oh, yes …. the crochet mood blanket ….. I think I’ve crocheted squares up to mid June, kept track of my moods until October ….than a big blank. Way too many squares to even consider a mood footstool cover, so a blanket it will be, ha! Love, Marianne xx

  • What a wonderfully colourful post! I so enjoy your blog and all your projects – my favourite has to be the Homely blanket, although it’s a tough call to be honest! All this colour gives off such a happy feeling that your blog is always a pleasure to read:)

  • Hi Marianne
    O M G! Where do you find time to do ALL THAT! Yuu are a crochet machine lady. Beautiful creations. Some of my favorites must be the Pixelated Cushion and your Homely Blanket. Just gorgeous! I can’t believe you made 8 South Bay Shawls… I spend way to much time behind the key board to manage what you did in 2014. I think I have to look over my time schedule… Prioritize different. Happy New Year. And thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. It means the world to me. That feeling is exactly what I want you to have when popping over. Lets grab a tea (herbal – I’m on a healthy juicing reboot – no coffee for a while. )

    • Hi Annette!
      Thanks for stopping by and thanks so much for your lovely compliments! I was honestly very surprised myself to see my 2014 crochet production! Seems hard to even come close to that for the coming year, but on the other hand: crochet is my happy therapy and I’m sure I’ll be crocheting the year away – again! Thank you for your wonderful inspiration during the past year(s) and I know you’ll continue to inspire me (and many others) during 2015! Love, Marianne xx

    • Aw ….. thanks so much, Mel, that means a lot coming from you! Very happy to have you on board! Here’s to a wonderful, creative 2015 – I love reading your blog and am very often inspired by your fab posts! Marianne xx

  • What an amazingly fabulously colourful year you have had. I truly enjoyed being on the journey for every project with you and look forward to many more this year.
    Keeping my fingers crossed also for a meeting and hugging in person.
    Much love Heike xx

    • Thank you so much for your lovely, lovely comments, sweet Heike – they really mean a lot to me. You’ve been such a wonderful, inspiring blogging and ig-friend to me during this past year and I cannot even begin to tell you how much this has meant and still means to me. Definitely keeping fingers and toes crossed for meeting you in 2015 irl! Love, Marianne xx

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