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HaPpY  NeW  YeAr!!
First off, I’d like to wish you all the very best for a healthy, prosperous new year, filled with love, friendship, and lots of creativity of course!

It most certainly doesn’t feel like 12 months ago, that I was writing my last end of year post – 2015 has really gone by so quickly.

For “maRRose” this past year was a very exciting one, and I’m extremely thankful for that! A big and heartfelt “thank you” goes out to you, my lovely and loyal readers, for your continued support, encouragement, and feedback and for “simply” being there. It makes all the difference and I do hope you know how much I appreciate your being here!

maRRose - CCC --- favorite 2015 projects-02I’ve already shared the collage above on Instagram. An easy click through this site gives you your “2015 nine best” – the 9 pictures that gathered the most likes on IG in 2015; my nine generated an unbelievable 307.129 likes, just these 9 …….(talking about being thankful …..)

Sharing another “best nine” – my own personal favorites – would be fun too, I thought, and here’s what they are:
maRRose - CCC --- favorite 2015 projectsIn random order, from left to right/top to bottom, they are:
1. Love & Kisses Bridal Shawl
2. Lucy Cushion
3. Crochet Mood Blanket
4. Bétaille Blanket
5. Les Tourettes Shawl
6. Monsoon Stole
7. Rustic Lace Square Blanket
8. Rose Baby Blanket
9. Granny Square Abby Cushion

And since we’re on the subject of lists and preferences, I also had a look at what you liked best on the blog in 2015:
maRRose - CCC --- favorite 2015 projects-031. Yarn Ends Bowl
2. Triangle Pincushion
3. The Rustic Lace Square
4. Pixelated Cushion
5. Baby Blanket Justine
6. The Dijon Blanket
7. Friendship Bracelets
8. Hexagon Blanket
9. Granny Square Rose

Apart from actual projects, there was also quite some exposure in all different kinds of media, like the Koffie&Wol-shows (interview here, blog post here, Christmas Show here) and the mini interview on the “Draad&Praat”-blog.
maRRose - CCC --- Koffie & Wol-01Furthermore I was asked to join the KreaDoe blogger’s team – great fun, and something I’ll continue to do in 2016.
And then, this December there was an extensive interview in a lovely new Australian indie-magazine “Wild about Yarn”, me being their ‘featured artist’ (available here).
maRRose - CCC --- Wild about Yarn interview-01To top that off, I was interviewed by fabulous yarnbomber Stephen Duneier; you can listen to this podcast via iTunes (here), or on the web (here).
I’m telling you: proud moments!
maRRose - CCC --- Yarnbomber Podcast 2015More highlights were the crochet/yarn parties that I was invited to, like the ones in Echtstudio (blog post here), at Knotten (more info here), and last but not least the already mentioned Christmas Party at Wolplein. Getting together with fellow yarnlovers, crocheters, bloggers and instagrammers in real life has put many cherries on my creative cake this year.
maRRose - CCC --- MadewithLoops Visit-021The biggest cherry must have been meeting my sweet friend Heike/MadewithLoops, having her stay at Casa Dekkers for some days, and going on yarny adventures together. Throwing her a surprise “Crochet Party” in my beloved “Tuin11” was simply the very best!

I can’t wait to see what 2016 holds for “maRRose”!

Marianne xx

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