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Orchidea Cross Stitch Bag

This project sure was a trip down memory lane, and a lovely one for that matter.
You see, when I was a little girl, I made a couple of these ↑ cross stitch cushions – they’ve adorned my parents’ couches for a long time. I think I was only 9 or 10 years old, and still vividly remember how I loved doing this.

I’ve been meaning to stitch another one of these for a long, long time, but give it a whole different twist this time around: use the cross stitch part to make a bag!
Now that I’ve finished my “Orchidea Bag” I can “cross” this off my creative list 😉
It goes without saying that the cross stitch part is pretty straightforward; no counting is necessary, your only worry is that your stitches all face the same direction.

This is exactly why this a very “mindful” project. Even though I really like any kind of creative challenge, for balancing’s sake it’s equally nice to work on a project that gets you in a carefree-just-do-flow, don’t you agree? Well, this is the one!

The only thing I dreaded, was machine sewing the cross stitch front to the fabric, but this turned out to be surprisingly easy, and was done in minutes.

The “Orchidea Bag” is my latest design for CraftKitchen, and you can find the tutorial on how to make your own here (Dutch), and here (English), or via the DIY/Tutorials-page on the blog.

Marianne xx

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3 thoughts on “Orchidea Cross Stitch Bag”

  • Love your bag!! The vivid colours, the flowers… It seems to be a solid bag too, so it’s not only beautiful but also comes in handy!
    Nice job and nice to read about the old cushions.
    Have a great day, Sigrid

    • Thank you so much, Sigrid! Really happy to read you like the bag – to be honest: I’m quite pleased with it myself. Yes, you’re absolutely right, it’s pretty sturdy as well 🙂
      Enjoy your day – hope it’s a crafty one ;)! Marianne xx

  • It’s beautiful and reminds me of the cross stitch I used to enjoy as a teenager. I have long been tempted to try a cross stitch cushion or seat covers for our dining chairs. Might be a very long project though – ten seat covers!

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