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Paper letter garland

Too many time consuming (crochet) wips can be quite overwhelming at times.
I therefore like the distraction (and satisfaction) of a fun and quick little in-between project.

This week’s kick-off by the very lovely and very talented Allison Sadler (co-owner of the The People Shop) of “Make it sewcial Mondays” really made me want to make my own paper letter garland instantly.
So, I got my inexpensive HEMA- and “mat stacks”-paper out and got going.
Allison says in her tutorial she cut the letters free hand. I knew I would not be good at that and quickly found a link to a free printable alphabet. I downloaded the letters I needed, printed them on plain paper, cut them out and used them as a template for my cheery letters: my “h”, “a”, “p”, “p”, and “y” were born.

           "happy" paper letter garland

This was such a fun, “happy” project. Just think of all the possibilities ….
Make your own Christmas, birthday or whatever festive occasion-garland!

"happy" paper letter garland

And ….. I am so HAPPY with my paper letter garland! I’ve hung it on one of the walls in my craftroom and it makes me smile every time I see it …..

"happy" paper letter garland

Here’s to happy crafting!


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